Exploring! Become the "Game Changer" for Your Council

This will not be a normal sit down course. From character to careers, you will become a difference maker for your council and community by becoming an Exploring guru and examining the secret to community impact, membership growth, and sustainability. Anyone who is interested in Exploring or helping to create a more vibrant Exploring program within their council should attend. This includes any volunteer or professional, on any level, that simply has the desire to become “The Game Changer” for your council.

This course will be interactive, fun, and hands-on. You will become engaged in an exciting week at Philmont by ultimately becoming the youth in which you serve. Yes, that is right! During the course, you will actually become an Explorer. This will help you return to your council energized and equipped with the knowledge to grow and support an exciting Exploring program in your council. You will learn the ins and outs of Exploring, while also participating in an exciting open house, organizational sales call, cultivation event, as well as outdoor activities. This will help prepare you to identify and fill the needs of local schools, businesses, and communities by utilizing the total package of Exploring and Learning for Life programs. As a bonus, you will also receive classroom credit towards the official Exploring Certification, at the conclusion of this course.


Week 7: July 22-28


About Philmont Scout Ranch

Philmont Scout Ranch, the Boy Scouts of America's premier High Adventure™ base, challenges Scouts and Venturers with more than 214 square miles of rugged northern New Mexico wilderness. Backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades, and training and service programs offer young people many ways to experience this legendary country.