Gateway Reservation Contact & Lead Advisor Instructions

If you coordinated your unit's reservation, including one or more crews, and you plan to hike with one of the crews, this is you!

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  1. Receive access link: On Feb 15th, 2017, you will receive an email from with a link providing access to the Philmont Roster & Arrival Gateway.
  2. Enter Password: For security purposes, we've saved the login password that you created during the initial Philmont registration process. If you can't remember this password when you reach the Roster Gateway login screen, please reset your password by clicking the text that reads "Forgot Your Password?".
  3. Create password: ( Reservation Contacts who did not register for 2016 online. ) The first time you click the link to enter the Philmont Roster & Arrival Gateway, you’ll be asked to create a password. You will use this password to access the Philmont Roster & Arrival Gateway until the day your crew arrives.
  4. Your contact information: Enter your contact information.
  5. Identify yourself as a Lead Advisor:
    • Reservations with only one crew: Click ‘Yes’ on the screen which asks if you will be the Lead Advisor.
    • Reservations with multiple crews: Choose the crew with the correct expedition number and then click ‘Yes’ confirming that you will be the Lead Advisor for this crew.
  6. Identify remaining Lead Advisor(s) for reservations with multiple crews: On the following page(s) match the first name, last name and email address of your Lead Advisor(s) to their correct expedition and itinerary number.
    • Once a Lead Advisor’s information has been submitted, they will receive an email from with a link providing access to the system.
  7. Enter additional information about yourself: This information is required for all backcountry participants.
  8. Sister Crews (12-day expeditions only): Read about sister crews by clicking here Establishing a Sister Crew Arrangement (Anytime after Feb 15th, 2017)
    • Click the purple ‘Itinerary Selection’ button near the top of your Crew Roster page.
    • Click the ‘Choose a Sister Crew’ button.
    • Select your desired Sister Crew from the drop-down list of available crews.
    • NOTE: The Lead Advisor of your desired sister crew will be prompted to accept this sister crew arrangement the next time they access their crew roster page.
    • Working with the Lead Advisor of your desired Sister Crew, finish confirming your Sister Crew arrangement before April 19th, 2016 will prevent delays and increase your opportunity to receive one of your top itinerary priorities.
    • Any Sister Crew arrangement may be canceled when either crew clicks the ‘Cancel’ link in the blue Sister Crew bar that appears at the top of their roster.
  9. Itinerary preferences: You must access the Roster Gateway and submit all of your own personal information before you will be able to submit your crew’s itinerary preferences. On April 4th See your roster for your exact seletion time. (pending any requested sister crew arrangements), upon logging into the Roster Gateway, as the Lead Advisor, you will be prompted to prioritize a minimum of 6 itinerary preferences. Once you’ve submitted your priorities (for a 12-day expedition) the Gateway will instantly confirm your itinerary assignment. (Logistics will manually assign 7-day expedition itineraries at least 3-weeks prior to your arrival day.)
    Note: If none of your crew’s preferred itineraries are available, the Roster Gateway will prompt you to submit a minimum of 3 additional itinerary preferences.
  10. Arrival/departure information: You’ll be asked to verify and update your arrival and departure travel information. If you don’t know their details, skip this step for now.
  11. Participant information: Click on the ‘Modify’ button in the row that corresponds to the crew you wish to begin adding participants to.
    • You’re in the roster: As the Lead Advisor, you’ll see your information has already populated the first row of the roster.
    • Roster Information: Collect a completed copy of the Roster Information Worksheet from each participant.
      ( )
    • Add adults: Click on the green ‘Add Adults’ button in the top section of the blue roster. Complete all required fields and click ‘Save’.
    • Add youth: Click the green ‘Add Youth’ button in the bottom section of the blue roster. Complete all required fields and click ‘Save’.
  12. Get started early: The Philmont Roster & Arrival Gateway is a planning tool.
    • See which CPR & Wilderness First Aid requirements have been met.
    • Understand if any youth/adult requirements have not been met.
    • Quickly remove, restore, or add participant information as roster changes occur.
    • Easily print your crew’s Philmont Roster.


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