Family Programs

The Philmont Training Center offers a full, organized program for every member of the family—from infants to spouses. Family members will be joined by others in their age group and will participate in a carefully designed, age and ability specific program under the leadership of trained, experienced staff. Groups will get to enjoy hiking, tours, handicrafts, games, campfires, and outdoor activities. Family Program groups may be combined or split based on group size.

Small Fry: Children, 2 months - 4 years old

Philmont Staff provides age appropriate activities, games, pony rides, and supervised play throughout the conference week. 

Bandits: Children, 5-6 years old

Bandits follow the Lion Scout activities and participate in nature hikes, pony rides, games, songs and skits, crafts, Villa and Museum tours, and two half-day hikes.

Ropers: Youth, 7 years old

Ropers follow the Tiger Scout program activities including hiking, Villa and Museum tours, archery and slingshots, pony rides, games, crafts and an all-day hike. Based on group size, Ropers may be combined with Bandits or Deputies. 

Deputies: Youth, 8-9 years old

Deputies program follows the Wolf and Bear Scout activities including hiking, Villa and Museum tours, archery and BB guns, pony rides, games, crafts and an all-day hike. 

Sidewinders: Youth, 10 years old

Sidewinders follow the Webelos Scout program which enjoys hiking, sports, rock climbing, crafts, archery and BB guns, Villa and Museum tours and a Sidewinder/parent overnight camping trip. 

Mustangs: Youth, 11-13 years old

Mustangs follow the Scouts, BSA program and have fun enjoying horse rides, archery and air rifles, handcraft projects, nature activities, outdoor cooking, games, Villa and Museum tours and an overnight camping trip to Philmont’s backcountry. 

Broncos: Young Adults, 14-20 years old

Broncos follow the Venturing Scout program and enjoy a week of activities as a group including hiking, horse rides, Villa and Museum tours, local sight-seeing, COPE, shooting sports and more. Participants will stay at the PTC with their families. 

Mountain Trek: Young Adults, 14-20 years old

Mountain Trek expeditions provide the opportunity to experience the rugged challenges of Philmont’s mountains. Crews hike 20 to 30 miles into the backcountry, where participants stay at several camps that offer a variety of exciting programs while also having time to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Philmont. LEARN MORE

Silverados: Non-Conference Adults, 21+ years old

The Silverados program is for adult family members to experience a wide variety of adventure here at the PTC. A wide range of activities are planned that may include Villa and Museum tours, local history, Indian arts programs, pottery-making demonstrations, guided nature walks, COPE, fishing and trips to nearby towns such as Red River or Angel Fire. Silverados carpool to any hike or activity away from PTC.

Please note that child programs are not available other than during the times listed. It is not recommended that both parents of Nursery or Small Fry children enroll in conferences as these ages are “parent-intensive.”

Children must participate in the family programs or be under the supervision of a parent. Children may not attend conference sessions with a parent. If a child is ill, they will be returned to their parents. Disruptive behavior is not tolerated. Children who are disruptive will be removed from the program and if poor behavior continues, parents will be asked to remove their child from the premises.

Family groups may be combined if registration is low, or split further if registration is high. Schedules may vary due to group size, weather, or other factors at Philmont.

A water bottle, rain gear, some spending money, and a day pack large enough to hold their gear will be needed for each person participating in family program activities.