Philmont Family Adventure Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we attend the July 4th Rodeo in Cimarron?
    • Absolutely! The open schedule offers you flexibility in scheduling your activities and we highly encourage you to attend the historic Maverick Club Rodeo in Cimarron, NM on July 4th if you are in attendance on that date. Please note that there is a fee charged at the rodeo gate that is not included in your fees.
  • Are there any promotional materials to promote the Philmont Family Adventure?
    • We have a handy two page flyer on the right hand side for you to share with interested families.
  • Do you need Wilderness First Aid?
    • Wilderness First Aid is not required to attend Philmont Training Center Programs. Our staff facilitating
      activities are trained in Wilderness First Aid.
  • Will the Philmont Family Adventure affect crews on the trails?
    • While you will see crews hiking in the Philmont backcountry you will not interfere with their programs. You will be on a separate program with staff to help guide you and ensure you have a great time.
  • What does the per person fee include?
    • The per person fee includes food, tent housing, and program activities through the day and evening for the length of an individual’s stay.
  • Adult to child ratio needed?
    • An adult to child ratio is not required; however there must be 1x 21+ adult with your family members during all program activities except children attending Small Fry.
  • Will we be camping in regular tents or canvas tents at PTC?
    • The registration covers staying in a canvas wall tent at PTC. Roofed housing is available on a first come/first served basis for an additional cost.
  • Will there be scholarships available for the Philmont Family Adventure weeks?
    • There unfortunately will not be any scholarships available for the Philmont Family Adventure weeks.
  • Are there shuttles available?
    • Yes, the Denver, Colorado Springs, and Albuquerque airport shuttles and Raton Train Station shuttles are available for our Full Week schedule. Unfortunately, the Albuquerque Airport Shuttle is not available for the Half Week schedule, however Denver, Colorado Springs, and the Raton train station will be able to provide transport. Please view “Planning Your Visit” for more shuttle information.
  • Are there height/weight requirements for the Philmont Family Adventure?
    • Participants must have filled out and completed BSA Medical Form Parts A and B to participate in program. Some program activities, like our day-long backcountry hikes, are strenuous, and families should discuss abilities before arriving to program. Our Horseback Riding program is available for
      participants up to 200lbs. Riders must have a minimum of 24” inseam. 
    • Under no circumstance will any individual over 295 lbs be allowed to participate in backcountry programs, regardless of height or age. This limit is necessary due to limitations of rescue equipment and for the safety of Philmont personnel.