Cimarron celebrates July Fourth

The Maverick Club Rodeo was held in Cimarron, New Mexico, Thursday just as it had been for 97 years. 

The rodeo is the longest standing open rodeo in the west and it’s held in a town with fewer than 1,000 people. Cimarron locals and some Philmont staff have been attending the Fourth of July Rodeo for years.  

The tradition started in August 1922 when the Maverick Club was formed by citizens searching for an organization without political or religious views. Less than a year later, Cimarron’s first rodeo occurred, sponsored by the newly formed Maverick Club. 

This year, Cimarron celebrated the tradition with an even stronger sense of community. It will only be a matter of time before the Cimarron community celebrates the rodeo’s 100-year anniversary. 

Riders leave a trail of dust as they bolt out to catch the steer. Team ropers compete to see who can lasso the animal fastest. Photographed by Sherry Hamilton.

The trick to winning the timed senior barrel race is to ride as close to the barrel as possible without knocking it over. This competitor demonstrates nearly perfect execution of a tight turn during the event. Photographed by Sherry Hamilton.

A rider at the team roping event successfully lassos the horns of a steer. Photographed by Sherry Hamilton. 

After a horse and contestant have successfully gone around every barrel they jet back to the gate as fast as they can in hopes to obtain the quickest time. Photographed by Sherry Hamilton. 

A Maverick Club member displays the U.S. flag during his grand entrance for the opening ceremony. Photographed by Sherry Hamilton. 

A young competitor manages his lasso in preparation for the Jiggs Porter Calf Roping event. Photographed by Sherry Hamilton. 

Colfax County Rodeo Queen 2019 showcases her patriotism. Photographed by Sherry Hamilton. 

A cowboy grips the rope tightly and hangs on for every last second. The rider who stays on their horse the longest wins the event. Photographed by Chris Langlois. 

Picture of Sherry Hamilton

Sherry Hamilton

Sherry Hamilton is a first-year Philmont photographer from West Virginia. Sherry enjoys snowboarding, climbing and mountain biking. She is excited to tell Philmont's story this summer.

Picture of Chris Langlois

Chris Langlois

Chris is a first-year Philmont photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. He is a pre-med student and enjoys practicing photography in his free time.