Arrival and Departure

Raton, New Mexico, is the nearest terminal for Amtrak. Colorado Springs, Albuquerque and Denver are the nearest major airports from where you will need to make bus connections to Raton or Cimarron. Greyhound provides bus service to Raton. Shuttle service information from Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and Albuquerque, NM, is provided in the employment packet. Please note that these shuttles do not run daily and plan accordingly.


UPS provides daily delivery to Philmont Scout Ranch. UPS is the most available service in the Philmont area if it is necessary for you to ship your baggage. Please use your regular mailing address when shipping via UPS – all shipments must be prepaid!

Please plan to ship your baggage at least two weeks in advance of your arrival date and mark each parcel in the following fashion:

Your Name & Dept/Camp
47 Caballo Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Incoming packages will be delivered to the Philmont Post Office at CHQ or the PTC office.

When You Arrive at Philmont

Please plan to arrive during business hours on the date specified in your Letter of Agreement. No provisions (housing or meals) are made for you before your scheduled arrival day. Early arrivers must have Philmont management approval and will be required to sign a volunteer staff agreement that is effective until the official start date of their contract.

Staff Check-In Procedure

There are a few clerical details that you must take care of on arrival:

The following are mandatory and required for employment and must be completed and available when you arrive:

  • Medical record form
  • Verification of current BSA membership
  • Verification of identity and employment eligibility, such as original Social Security card and valid driver’s license or U.S. passport
  • Any other forms not mailed

First, go to the Camping Registration Office (located at camping headquarters), where you must:

  1. Sign in at the office and complete any missing paperwork.
  2. Receive a staff training schedule.
  3. Register your vehicle or bicycle and affix an identification sticker. You must know your vehicle’s license number.
  4. Please follow the instructions on your routing card in order to complete the check-in process.

Then, report to your staff supervisor. Your staff supervisor will tell you when and where you are expected to begin your assignment.

Upon successful completion of staff training, you will be given your Philmont staff patch. Wear it proudly! It shows that you are one of a very select group of people.

Parking Area for Your Vehicle

Staff are required to park personal vehicles in designated staff parking lots. There is one lot located north of the Infirmary at Camping Headquarters and a second lot for Training Center staff located near the Buster Brown building. You will need to obtain your parking permit sticker at check-in. The designated staff parking lots must be used. Personal vehicles are not to be parked in the PTC parking lot, near tents or by dorms. After unloading or loading of personal gear, all staff must park in the staff parking lot.

Please do not drive or park on grass or lawn areas to load or unload your personal belongings! Be prepared to carry them from the nearest parking lot or roadway.

Overnight parking at bus turnarounds is permitted only if the vehicle displays a current Philmont parking sticker. Private vehicles are not to be driven beyond locked gates.

Your Philmont Mailing Address

Your summer mailing address will be as follows:

Your Name + Dept. or Camp
47 Caballo Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Your emergency telephone number at Philmont: 575-376-2281

Leave this number at home for emergency calls. Wherever you are, you can be reached within a few hours to return emergency calls. Explain to relatives that you may be away from the Headquarters or Training Center area and that you may not be reached immediately.

Pay telephones are located throughout Camping Headquarters and the Training Center for your convenience.

Leaving Philmont

Most Philmont Letters of Agreement extend to August 16 to 21 or later. If your job is completed before your ending date, you will be reassigned. There will be many opportunities to share rides on or after August 21.

Early Departure

Any staff member who wishes to depart Philmont before the end of their contract is required to submit a letter of resignation. Such requests may jeopardize chances for reemployment, job choice or recommendations.

Checkout Procedures

At the completion of your employment, please pickup a staff checkout procedure card from the CHQ registration office. The staff checkout procedure card will direct you to the necessary places to complete all responsibilities of forwarding address, return of checked-out items, paying all outstanding obligations, turning in keys, etc.


A staff member who desires to stay at Philmont beyond the last day specified on the Letter of Agreement must obtain written approval from the director of program or the director of the Training Center. A change of assigned quarters may be necessary.

Shuttle Information

Shuttle service is available for staff. Please use the form below to schedule shuttle service from Albuquerque.