Staff Packet Contents

Shortly after you are hired and complete a criminal background check, you will receive an email confirming your conditional hire status with a number of documents linked within that are necessary to complete your hiring process. You will also receive a physical envelope at the address listed on your Seasonal Staff Application containing you Terms of Seasonal Employment and a few other necessary items to start your employment off on the right foot.

Terms of Seasonal Employment

Read thoroughly. Sign and complete the bottom portion. Your signature indicates that you have read, understand, and agree to the conditions stated in your Terms of Seasonal Employment and to follow the policies stated in the Staff Guidebook.

If you cannot accept the terms stated for any reason (this includes specified arrival, start, end, and departure dates), please contact the Seasonal Personnel Department immediately

Staff Guidebook

All staff members should read and have a thorough understanding of the policies and procedures before arriving at Philmont. Feel free to bring a copy with you for reference throughout the summer. CLICK HERE to download the Staff Guidebook.

Form I-9 and Documents

The Form I-9 is required to verify employment eligibility. Complete Section 1 and bring it with you when you check in on your specified arrival date. Look at Page 2 included with the Form I-9 to determine which document(s) you will need to bring with you to confirm your employment eligibility (either one item from List A or the combination of one item from List B and one item from List C). The most common document used from List A is a valid US Passport. The most common combination of documents from List B and List C is a valid Driver’s License and Social Security Card. 

You must bring the original document(s) with you to satisfy this requirement (we cannot accept photocopies). This is required to begin employment. Failure to provide the original document(s) will result in a delay of your start of employment. 

W-4 Form

This form is important for payroll purposes as it indicates your desired tax withholding. Fill out the form completely (incomplete forms will result in payroll delays). Make sure it is signed and dated and that either #5 OR #7 is filled out.

Direct Deposit

You will have the choice to enroll in direct deposit or receive a Paycard. If you choose to enroll in direct deposit, please fill out and sign the form and include a voided check or a letter from your financial institution verifying the ABA Transit/Routing Number and your Account Number. If you choose to receive a Paycard, check the appropriate boxes and sign the form (Terms and Conditions apply). If you fail to provide direct deposit information, you will be issued a Paycard.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

To help Philmont support a diverse staff, we ask that every employee complete and submit the EEO Self-Identification Form.

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Membership

All Philmont employees must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America. If you are already registered with your local unit, please complete the BSA Application and provide proof of current registration in the form of a valid membership card, current troop roster, or membership records. If you are registering for the first time, please complete the BSA Application and be prepared to pay your membership fee upon arrival. 

Youth Protection Training

Visit my.scouting.org to complete the required Youth Protection Training and print the certificate to include with your paperwork to return to Philmont. This training is valid for two (2) years from the date of completion. CLICK HERE for a guide to complete Youth Protection Training.

Harassment Prevention Training

Visit skillsoftcompliance.com/academy/default.aspx?orgid=551502 to complete the required Harassment Prevention Training and print the certificate to include with your paperwork to return to Philmont. Training is valid for one (1) year from the date of completion. CLICK HERE for instructions to register for this course.

Annual Health and Medical Record

Complete Sections A and B on your own. Visit your local healthcare provider to complete Section C with a physical examination before you arrive at Philmont. Your physical examination must have been completed within the previous 12 months. Failure to do so will result in a delay of your training and ability to begin employment as scheduled.

Travel Plans

Philmont provides daily scheduled transportation from Raton ($10 one way) or Cimarron. If you arrive at any other time, you must wait until the next scheduled transportation. It may be necessary for you to stay overnight in Raton, where several motels are available. Information on shuttle services from Denver, CO; Colorado Springs, CO; and Albuquerque, NM is provided in your employment packet.

High Adventure Base Accident & Sickness Plan

This booklet describes the Accident and Sickness Insurance that will be provided for each participant (youth and adult) and staff members actively participating or employed at a Boy Scouts of America High Adventure Base.


Do you have any certifications that are useful for your specific job duties or for spending extended time in the backcountry? (First aid, CPR, EMT, NRA, etc) Bring your certifications with you to present when you check in; Please do not mail your certifications as you may not receive them back.