Information For New Staffers

The Philmont hiring process lasts from January-May. If you haven’t heard from us by March you may call and request an update on the status of your application.

Just as a friendly reminder, all new hires must submit a completed BSA Annual Health and Medical Form (which will be included in your Philmont staff packet) meet the Height/Weight Requirements for backcourntry participation, and be able to lift and handle materials up to 70lbs.

Those who are selected to serve as members of Scouting’s premier high-adventure base and conference center will serve thousands of Scouts, leaders, and family members—and they deserve the best! Philmont staff members have a unique opportunity to influence each participant and with it a great responsibility. The information in this section will answer many of your questions and help you prepare for the upcoming season.

Quick Links

  • For Required online national Youth Protection training. Please print two copies of the certificate at the end of the training. Mail one copy to Philmont with your signed employment contract and save the second copy for your own records. If you were on staff last year, your youth protection training will remain valid through this summer.

Points of Emphasis

At Philmont, everything begins with a quality staff. Great care is used in the selection and training of our staff. Staff attitude, example, and performance set the pace for all those who attend. LEARN MORE

What Philmont Expects of You

Philmont comprises a community of hundreds of people and represents a forefront of the Boy Scouts of America. The standards are high, and as a staff member you are accountable for complying with the conditions of employment. LEARN MORE

What You Can Expect From Philmont

Information about food and lodging, pay schedules, insurance, training, and other topics of interest to Philmont staff members. LEARN MORE

Your Staff Packet

Shortly after you are hired, your staff packet filled with important employment paperwork will arrive at the address specified on your application. LEARN MORE

Personal Equipment

While the packing list for participants provides useful information, staff must be prepared for a longer stay at Philmont. This list of required and optional equipment will serve as a guide in deciding what to bring. LEARN MORE

Arrival and Departure

Important information about the check-in and checkout procedures, including information for mailing and storing your personal items. LEARN MORE

Additional Policies

The policies that follow are important for you to understand as a member of the Philmont seasonal staff. During your staff training period, these and others will be discussed in varying detail. LEARN MORE