Your Staff Packet

A cast of the famous T-Rex footprint outside the Philmont museum matches the real one found near Ponil Canyon.

Shortly after you are hired, a staff packet containing all necessary hiring paperwork will be sent to the address
listed on your Philmont staff application.


The following forms will arrive in your staff packet. For your convenience, an addressed, pre-paid envelop will be
included in your staff packet. Please fully complete and return these forms to Philmont promptly. (If in doubt,
follow instructions found on the checklist form in your packet.)

Your Letter of Agreement

You are responsible for reading and understanding the contents of your Letter of Agreement before signing it. Your
signature indicates your approval of all conditions. If for any reason you cannot, or do not, expect to accept all
terms contained in the letter, including the specified beginning and ending dates, and those terms in the staff
guidebook, please call or write the Philmont representative whose signature appears on your letter before your
arrival at Philmont.

Staff are reminded that the Letter of Agreement states that Philmont management may transfer an employee to
another assignment at any time if it is felt he or she is better suited to that position or that a change would
better serve the participants or Philmont.

BSA Membership

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Membership

When you arrive, you must be prepared to show your current registration card. First year staff members not
currently registered with the BSA must, use the BSA registration form included in your staff packet and send it
with the appropriate fee to Philmont. Returning staff members do not need to complete the form but are required
to pay a $10 renewal fee.

Youth Protection Training

Go to to complete the required national Youth Protection
training course and print the certificate to include with your paperwork. type in “Unit 999” where prompted after
completion of the training and before printing the certificate. Youth Protection Training is valid for two
years from the date of completion.

I-9 Documents

I-9 Documentation

Section 1 & 2 must be completed and submitted with your contract. You must satisfy Section 2 on arrival with
the required documents (such as driver’s license and Social Security card or passport. Copies are accepted by
mail or upon your arrival at Philmont
). Staff members not satisfying I-9 documentation will be required to
complete a volunteer staff agreement and work without pay or leave the property until I-9 is complete.

Direct Deposit

Philmont is located in a remote part of northern New Mexico and most banks are located many miles away. Choosing to
fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization form before you arrive will allow Philmont to deposit your paychecks
directly into your bank account without delay.

Arrival Plans Card

Philmont provides daily scheduled transportation from Raton ($10 one way) or Cimarron. Use the Arrival Plans Card
to advise us of your needs. If you arrive at any other time, you must wait until the next scheduled transportation.
It may be necessary for you to stay overnight in Raton, where several motels are available. Information on shuttle
services from Denver, CO; Colorado Springs, CO; and Albuquerque, NM is provided in your employment packet.


W-4 Employee Withholding Certificate

Fill out the W-4 form and mail it to Philmont so there is no delay in getting you on the payroll. Make sure it
is signed and dated and #5 or #7 is completed

Health and Medical Record

You are required to submit a BSA Annual Health & Medical Record, completed and signed by a physician within the
previous 12 months. Please bring this form with you when you arrive at
. Do not mail it with the other forms from your staff packet.

Employment Documents

A series of employment documents will be included in your staff packet. It is your responsibility to thoroughly read
and understand each of these documents.

Staff Guidebook

All Philmont staff should read and have a thorough knowledge of the Philmont
Staff Guidebook
before arriving at Philmont.

Your Job Description and Objectives

Carefully read the job description enclosed with your Letter of Agreement. Prior to coming to Philmont, give some
thought to how you will accomplish each task or principal responsibility.

If there is training or research that you can accomplish before your arrival (to help fulfill or better prepare
you for your job), you are encouraged to do so.

High Adventure Base Accident & Sickness Plan

This booklet describes the Accident and Sickness Insurance that wil be provided for each Scout, Ventureer,
Learning for life participant and leaders registered and attending the Boy Scouts of America High Adventure Base

Guidebook to Adventure

The Guidebook to Adventure is geared toward preparing camping participants to attend Philmont.
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Are you certified as an instructor in rifle? First aid? CPR? EMT? If so, please bring your card to verify your
qualifications, as well as any other certification you hold (Do NOT mail your certifications with your staff packet).
All staff should try to obtain CPR and first aid certifications before arriving at Philmont.