What Philmont Expects of You

In agreeing to work at Philmont, you are affirming your commitment that you will conduct yourself at all times, both on and away from the ranch, so that you are a credit to yourself, the Boy Scouts of America, and Philmont Scout Ranch.

Philmont comprises a community of hundreds of people and represents a forefront of the Boy Scouts of America. The standards are high, and as a staff member you are accountable for complying with these conditions of employment.Adherence to them is an important part of your performance at Philmont.

Scouting Spirit

Philmont staff members are employed to serve campers, advisers, Training Center participants, and their families. We need to make sure that the “Philmont experience” exceeds their high expectations. Being a Philmont staff member means being ready to assist willingly, whenever and wherever needed.

The Scout Oath and Scout Law are the standards by which we are measured. The ideals of Scouting come to life in Philmont’s environment. Exemplifying those ideals in your dealings with participants and staff members is one of the best things you can do this summer. Your Scouting spirit will rub off on others – so keep it at its best. It will make the difference!

Philmont participants deserve your best. Each staff member should constantly strive for excellence. The best staff members learn by doing and seek to learn how they can do better as the summer progresses. Each participant expects the same top-notch experience, and it is up to the Philmont staff to see that they get it.

Sharp Appearance

Developing character in youth by providing a safe adventure-filled experience is Philmont’s primary objective and must be kept foremost in each staff member’s thoughts. Anything that a staff member does that detracts from this purpose impedes its achievement and is inappropriate.

Personal appearance is important since Philmont is the showcase of the Boy Scouts of America and each staff member reflects not only himself or herself, but the entire ranch and the BSA.

Personal appearance is essential to achieving Philmont’s objective. Pride in your appearance, uniform, and personal grooming makes you and those around you feel that you are part of a first-rate team.

If staff appearance is less than first-rate, it implies that staff attitude and performance are less than first-rate. Dirty or uncombed hair may not seem distracting for some people, but we need to err on the side of being as approachable and as impressive as possible to every participant.

Each staff member shares responsibility for how the entire staff is perceived. Each staff supervisor is responsible for enforcing appearance standards within the department where assigned.

Philmont’s standards for personal appearance are:

  • Correct uniform that is clean and properly fitted.
  • Personal cleanliness and hygiene are required. Staff must shower and bathe frequently and encourage participants to do likewise.
  • Beards, if worn, must be clean, trimmed, well kept, and show evidence of grooming. Philmont is not the place to begin growing a new beard or moustache.
  • Extreme hairstyles, including rat-tail, dredlocks, and partially shaven heads, are not appropriate. Hair will be kept clean and neatly trimmed, and will show evidence of good grooming.
  • Exotic or unusual hairstyles and hair colors, males wearing earrings, unusual or dangling earrings on women, offensive tattoos, and visible body piercing that may be offensive to participants or interfere with job duties and performance are unacceptable.

These standards apply to every department, including those staffs who present interpretive programs. If you have any questions about these policies, please contact Philmont.

Good Physical Condition

Good physical condition is a must for the strenuous life of a Philmont staff member. Proper diet, health care, and getting enough rest will help you avoid becoming fatigued. In consideration of those living around you, you are asked to go quietly about your activities between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

You are responsible for keeping yourself physically fit and alert. Philmont staff members face a variety of demands and emergency situations throughout the summer, so it is important that every staff member remain in top physical condition. Many staff must meet the height/weight requirements as indicated on the staff application.

Use of Tobacco Products

Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco is prohibited in all Philmont buildings, tents, and vehicles. While in uniform and/or on duty, smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco is not permitted.

Designated smoking areas are established for both staff members and participants. Those staff members who must smoke are expected to set an example and use only these areas.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Philmont Scout Ranch is committed to providing a safe and wholesome environment for participants and employees. Philmont will maintain a zero-tolerance policy for the use of illegal drugs or the abuse of prescribed drugs or alcohol.

The zero-tolerance policy states that each employee will

  1. Have no contact with (use or possession of) illegal drugs, including marijuana, and will not abuse the use of prescribed drugs.
  2. Refrain from using, or being under the influence of, alcoholic beverages on Philmont property or while in uniform anywhere; refrain from drinking and driving; refrain from assisting minor-age staff (under the age of 21) obtain alcoholic beverages; if a minor, refrain from seeking or obtaining alcoholic beverages.

Termination of Employment

Trust is important to the members of the Philmont administrative team. We are serious about these matters because we care about you and the participants we serve. Any employee credibly suspected of violating these policies will be suspended, pending an investigation of the allegation. If found not guilty, the employee will be reinstated retroactively.

Violations of the trust placed in you relating to the following items may result in termination of your employment. The severity of the infraction will determine the action taken. All violations will be noted in the individual’s personnel file and may jeopardize chances of future employment at Philmont.

  • Violation of Philmont’s alcohol or drug abuse policies
  • Theft of Philmont or another person’s property, including food
  • Unauthorized or personal use of Philmont vehicles
  • Engaging in horseplay when using two-way radios
  • Violation of the law, including traffic violations
  • Tardiness or absence from work
  • Gross misconduct
  • Fighting
  • Insubordination
  • Failure to wear proper uniform or to maintain acceptable appearance
  • Willful damage to Boy Scouts of America property, including graffiti
  • Soliciting funds, sale of property, or use of BSA facilities for personal gain
  • Personal use of Philmont workstation telephones
  • Use of firearms outside an established program area
  • Use of fireworks or explosives except where specifically approved by the Philmont administration
  • Carelessness or deliberate failure to observe safety measures
  • Tampering with fire equipment, smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and search and rescue equipment
  • Harassment of a member of the opposite sex
  • Inappropriate conduct or language, including profanity and verbal and/or physical confrontation of guests or staff
  • Abuse of a child or anyone else, including another staff member
  • Cohabitation by unmarried couples
  • Rock climbing in unauthorized areas
  • Unauthorized entrance into a mine
  • Unauthorized hiking or camping in the backcountry
  • Trespassing on unauthorized private land and state and federal closed public land

Employment may be terminated by resignation, discharge for cause, reduction in workforce, or upon completion of original employment agreement.

Illness or Injury

Seasonal staff members who incur an illness or injury that prevents performance of regular job responsibilities and/or requires a prolonged recovery period will be released to recuperate at home at the discretion of Philmont management, in consultation with medical professionals. Upon completion of recovery and full release by a physician, employees may return to work if the position has not been filled, or may be reassigned to another staff position.