Points of Emphasis

Someone once said that everything begins with leadership. You start a spiral up or a spiral down. At Philmont, everything begins with a quality staff. Great care is used in the selection and training of our staff. Staff attitude, example, and performance set the pace for all those who attend.


Our efforts need to be directed toward ensuring that every participant has the maximum opportunity for physical, mental, and spiritual highs. All Scouters should leave with expanded horizons of how to put adventure in unit, district, and council programs, and with a renewed sense of the importance of their influence on youth.


Philmont has a lifelong impact on a person’slife. Every Scout and Scouter should have their commitment to the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law reinforced by the Philmont experience. 


High adventure implies risk, but it doesn’t mean taking chances. Safety measures are outlined in all areas of operation. We need to conscientiously follow them, and by example influence all participants. 


The beauty of God’s creation, the vision and generosity of Waite and Genevieve Phillips, the experiences of those who have preceded us, and the lives of those who will attend are in our hands. May we be faithful stewards so that future generations can enjoy and be influenced by an experience at Philmont.


The Philmont staff is a team. Each staff member, no matter what their job is or where they work, has a very important role to play in the total success of Philmont. Everything we do reflects on every other staff member and makes Philmont the great place that it is.