What You Can Expect From Philmont

A staff member at his tent.

Living Quarters

Most staff members are housed in 10′ x 12′ wall tents (two persons to a tent) on wooden platforms, with cots and electrical outlets. A limited number of roofed housing units are available for seasonal management staff. Staff members are responsible for providing their own linen, blankets, pillows, and towels.

You are expected to live in the place assigned. Please do not move Philmont furnishings into or out of your quarters without permission. All staff must live on Philmont unless approved by Philmont management.

Most staff members live in close proximity to other staff members and participants, thus sanitation and safety in your quarters affect those who live around you. In addition to maintaining a clean appearance of your quarters, you are also responsible for eliminating safety hazards such as open flames, overloaded electrical outlets, and food or trash that may attract rodents. There will be a $5 charge for lost keys.

Managers will make occasional inspections of staff quarters. These inspections are necessary to maintain health, fire, and safety standards for your protection and to identify maintenance needs. You will have the opportunity to be present when inspections are made.

While electricity is available in staff lodging at Headquarters, Training Center, Cattle Headquarters, Ponil, Cimarroncito, Clarks Fork, Abreu, and Rayado, appliances such as stereos are not recommended. Electrical wiring in these locations is designed for minimal needs.

Those living in tents may not move platforms, beds, foam pads, lockers, or electric cords from established locations. You are required to conform to the “electrical code” established for each tent. Multiple outlet plugs may not be used. You will be held financially responsible for damaged or missing items from your living quarters. Graffiti or names written on the walls of any Philmont structure are not acceptable. Upon request, boards will be provided to staff cabins to display names.

Staff need to be aware that their actions are closely scrutinized by Philmont participants while off duty – in base camp, in the backcountry, and in town. Any impropriety or the appearance of impropriety reflects negatively on Philmont. Members of the opposite sex are not permitted in staff areas between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.


You are provided three well-balanced meals a day. If you work at the Training Center or Camping Headquarters, you will be eating in the main dining halls. In the mountain camps, staff members share cooking and cleaning responsibilities. When on the trail, you will be provided trail food. Philmont does not have the facilities to provide for kosher or strict vegetarian diets. You should discuss special diets for medical or religious reasons with the director of program or the PTC director prior to your arrival at Philmont.

If you plan to hike or backpack on Philmont on your time off, you may draw trail food from CHQ Services. Trail food will not be provided for off-Philmont trips. Do not expect to eat with the backcountry staff.


You will be paid semimonthly, on the 7th and 22nd of the month. Pay periods end on the 15th and the last day of the month. If a payday falls on a weekend or holiday, you will be paid on the next business day.

Direct Deposit

All staff members are required to use Direct Deposit or a Paycard. Staff members are sent a Direct Deposit Authorization Form or a Paycard Form in their staff packet which should be completed and returned before arrival to avoid delays in getting paid. If you do not submit the proper documentation for Direct Deposit, you will be issued a Paycard. Employees are responsible for submitting the proper documentation for the Direct Deposit option.

The International Bank in Cimarron provides full banking services, including an ATM. Checks not drawn on an account with the International Bank must have a Philmont endorsement secured from the Administration Office.

Training and Guidance

More than 1,000 staff members compose the Philmont team each summer. All staff members must complete a pre-camp training program that provides orientation and instructions for every job. Expert training is provided for some programs and jobs.

Mature and experienced staff leaders will help you during staff training week and with on-the-job training and counseling throughout the summer. Your supervisor is interested in helping you grow and develop. You will have a mid-season and final performance review, when your supervisor will talk about your performance, how you can be more effective, and how you can make the best use of your talents.

The Infirmary

The Philmont Infirmary offers immediate doctor’s care, required transportation to area hospitals, and referrals to doctors and specialists for staff members. Philmont does not provide free medical exams. You are also responsible for the purchasing and securing of any maintenance drugs you may require.


Accident and sickness insurance provided by Philmont takes care of costs for doctors and hospital expenses as listed in the Camper’s Accident and Sickness Insurance booklet. Death benefit insurance is included. The coverage has exemptions such as medical conditions existing prior to coming to Philmont. It is important that you and/or your parents understand the coverage and its limitations.

The state of New Mexico provides coverage for injuries received from accidents while on the job through workers’ compensation. You must report all injuries and illnesses within 24 hours to the Infirmary and the director of program or the Training Center director so that you may receive proper care and the benefits of this insurance.

Time Off

A reasonable schedule of time off is provided for each staff member. Normally, it is six days on, two days off or nine days on, three days off. Time off will be arranged with your supervisor so it does not jeopardize the operation or program. Three days is the maximum number of days that may be taken at one time. Your last five days at Philmont must be working days. Staff members will not be permitted to use time off to leave early. All days off must be taken before August 14.

Open-Door Policy

Philmont has an open-door policy. After meeting with your supervisor, if you are not satisfied with the handling of a concern, you are free to take your concern to the next higher supervisor. If still not satisfied, your concern may be brought to the Director of Program, the Training Center Director, or the General Manager.


Coin-operated washers and dryers are located at the Training Center and at Camping Headquarters.

Philmont Security

Philmont maintains a security program to protect Philmont, staff members, participants, and personal property. Security personnel maintain close liaison with state and local agencies. All staff are expected to assist the security staff by cooperating with investigations and reporting any suspicious or illegal activity.

Trading Post

The Tooth of Time Traders carries camping equipment, Scouting items, uniform parts, sundries, and souvenirs. Staff members are entitled to a discount on most purchases exceeding $10.

Religious Services

Chaplains of the Catholic, Latter-day Saints, Jewish, and Protestant faiths reside at Camping Headquarters or the Training Center during the summer. The chaplains will be happy to visit or consult with you on request, in addition to conducting daily worship services. Quiet hours are observed nightly between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. at Camping Headquarters during worship services.

Staff Lounge and Activities

Staff lounges with games, library, and television (at CHQ & PTC) are provided for your use and enjoyment. Games and recreational equipment are available. All staff members are expected to keep the lounges clean and orderly.

A variety of activities are planned each summer by the Activities Staff. These may include movies, visits to nearby attractions and events, disc golf, volleyball, basketball, softball, fitness course, road races, and “coffee houses.” Limited Internet access is available.