Chase Ranch

Established in 1869, the Chase Ranch was successfully owned and operated by the Chase Family for 143 years. In 2012, legendary cattlewoman, fourth generation family member and remaining owner of the Chase Ranch, Gretchen Sammis passed away leaving her family’s historic 11,000 acre ranch to “The Chase Ranch Foundation”. Along with this inheritance came the duty of preserving the rich heritage and history of the ranch and the family who created it. A year later the ‘foundation’ approached Philmont Scout Ranch with an interesting proposal; a 50 year lease agreement where in Philmont Scout Ranch would assume full responsibility of the operations and management of the Chase Ranch, including transformation of the main ranch house and grounds into an educational museum open to all. Today, Philmont is dedicated to preserving the Chase family history by providing educational programs to both Philmont participants and the general public and through the preservation of those historic structures and their contents.

During the summer months, staff offer guided tours of the main house, grounds, orchards and tack room.

Site includes restrooms, picnic amenities and a gift shop.


Founded in 1869, the Chase Ranch was successfully owned and operated by the Chase family for over 143 years. The historic adobe ranch house offers a glimpse of ranch life starting around the time of the Colfax County land grant war, through the territorial & statehood periods in into modern times. This ranch and the Chase family where instrumental in transforming western ranching into what it is today! LEARN MORE