Philmont Museum

Whether you are visiting Philmont Scout Ranch to go on a trek or just pass through the area, the Philmont Museum is always a nice place to stop by. Located across the street from camping headquarters, the Philmont Museum is home to the Seton Memorial Library. The Philmont Museum features rotating exhibits, so if you have visited in the past, don’t hesitate to drop by and see something new next time you are in the area!

Ernest Thompson Seton 1860-1946

Ernest Thompson Seton was an artist, naturalist, environmentalist, explorer, the founder of the Woodcraft League and Co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America.

Seton was mostly self-taught; however, he did study art in London and Paris in 1879 and 1894, respectively. He completed his first oil painting at the age of 16.

During his lifetime, Seton produced 4,000 paintings and countless drawings. His wide variety of style, medium and surfaces is most unusual as most artists show a strong preference for one medium and style.