Philmont hosts first Family Adventure Camp

Photographed by Gabe Jackson.


From the peak of Baldy to the meadows of Carson, the Backcountry has enchanted over a million Scouts and lingers in the hearts of many.

Now, Philmont is offering a way for past participants and Scouters to experience the Backcountry. Those looking to relive their Philmont experience or see the ranch for the first time can bring their families as part of the Philmont Family Adventure camp.

Philmont Family Adventure Camp is a new program at the Philmont Training Center where families can enjoy high adventure activities together for the first time.

“Family Adventure Camp is an opportunity for families to come out to Philmont who may not be able to do a trek, or be too young to do a trek, and still get a taste of the Philmont experience with their families,” PTC Program Assistant Caroline Miller said.

While previous PTC programs have allowed Scouters attending conference training to bring their families, the Family Adventure Camp is the first to allow the entire family a chance to experience Philmont together.

Using a “build your own adventure” philosophy, the PFAC offers families an incredible range of activities including hiking, shooting sports, horseback riding and more. The PFAC staff is excited to announce new activities like climbing the Tooth of Time or visiting Abreu in Philmont’s south country.


Photographed by Alex Fields.

The PTC has also introduced a new housing system with deluxe tents for the entire family in addition to the new programs.

“Just like how you can choose your own adventure, you can choose what housing unit you’d like to stay in at Philmont,” Miller said.

The new tents sport a queen bed, two sets of bunk beds, electricity, a fan and a high roof. The deluxe tents are designed to keep the whole family together and comfortable during their stay at the PTC. With 20 deluxe tents going up by the end of the summer, the PTC is uniquely equipped to support the new Family Adventure Camp.

Behind all the intense planning is a simple goal: for participants to spend quality time with the people who matter most.

“The millennial family is all about having experiences with their families together.” PTC Director Nick Hutchinson said. “They don’t collect things, they collect experiences.”

There are still additional weeks of Philmont Family Adventure Camp to participate in occurring on July 28 – Aug 3 and Aug 4 – 10. For more information and to register, go to:

Picture of Mark Cordeiro

Mark Cordeiro

Mark Cordeiro is a second-year Philmont staffer out of Edmond, Oklahoma. He’s currently a senior at the University of Oklahoma studying professional writing. Mark spent several summers of his youth at the PTC’s youth programs and went on his first trek in 2014.