Duty To God Requirements

Under the guidance of the crew Chaplain’s Aide, each participant in a trek may work to fulfill the following requirements of the Duty to God Award:

  1. Participants must attend a religious service while at Philmont, participate in at least three daily devotionals with their crew, and lead Grace before a meal.
  2. Participants must obtain a Chaplain’s Aide signature to certify completion of requirements.
  3. Chaplain’s Aide must secure a “Duty to God” brochure for the crew upon completion of the trek.

Once requirements are met, the Duty To God Patch may be purchased in person at the Tooth of Time Traders. For those who have already left Philmont, please complete the Duty To God Patch order form and fax it to the Tooth of Time Traders at 575-376-2542.

The proceeds from the purchase of this award are used for all religious publications used in Philmont’s program and improvements to chapels and areas of religious significance at Philmont, and any program costs related to the chaplaincy program.