Planning Calendar

Trek Registration Timeline

Many things must be done in order to be prepared for a Philmont excursion. Planning and preparation should commence almost a year in advance. Here is a calendar that should be helpful in keeping your crew organized and on track. The notation (cc) means “council contingent,” while (u) means “unit.”


Winter/Spring Before Your Trek

  • Conduct critique with a previous year’s expedition advisers. (cc)
  • Council Philmont kickoff. (cc)
  • Determine attendance objective for council and districts. (cc)
  • Establish schedules for mailings, meeting, promotion. (cc, u)
  • Confirm two-deep leadership per crew with at least one alternate. (cc, u)
  • Announce details in council bulletin. (cc)
  • Share Philmont plans with promotion camping committee. (cc)
  • Share Philmont plans with promotion unit committee. (u)
  • Promote Philmont at roundtables. (cc)
  • Collect first payment from each participant. (cc)
  • Collect reservation fee payment from each participant. (cc, u)
  • Transmit reservation fee payment to Philmont. (cc May 1; u January 31)
  • Collect advance fee payment from each participant. (u)
  • Philmont committee meets with all selected expedition leaders and reviews plans. (cc)
  • Conduct Philmont parents rally. (cc, u)
  • Sign up 100 percent of quota by end of month. (cc)
  • Share risk advisory statement with parents. (cc, u)
  • Arrange transportation and overnight accommodations to and from Philmont. (cc, u)
  • Make plans for training and the second parents meeting. (cc)
  • Receive health and medical records from Philmont. (cc, u)

December/January The Year of Your Trek

  • Complete online itinerary selection in late January.
  • Each participant schedule medical exam; review completed medical forms prior to shakedown activities. (cc, u)
  • Continue updating Philmont news in council bulletin. (cc)
  • Begin physical fitness training plan. (cc, u)
  • Each crew conducts a series of training experiences prior to arrival at Philmont (two or three are recommended); start easy and increase the difficulty, with several days of camping and hiking with full packs. (cc, u)
  • Send a reminder for the final fee payment due to Philmont by March 1. (cc, u)


  • Transmit the final fee payment to Philmont by March 1. (cc, u)
  • Receive Advisor’s Kit (mid-March), including Treks – Itinerary Guide, Guidebook to Adventure, and map from Philmont. (cc, u)
  • Continue physical fitness training. (cc, u)


  • Share accident and sickness insurance information, risk advisory statement, expedition number, Philmont address, and emergency telephone number with parents. (cc, u)
  • Continue physical fitness training. (cc, u)


  • Complete details; confirm travel plans in writing. (cc, u)
  • Return Arrival Plans card. (cc, u)
  • Prepare and release story about your trek to local news media. (cc, u)
  • Continue physical fitness training. (cc, u)
  • Receive access link from to Philmont Roster & Arrival Gateway. Submit crew roster and travel plans information via this online gateway.

June, July, August

  • This year’s expedition is all set to go! (cc, u)
  • Bring to Philmont: Completed health and medical records with proper signatures and copy of insurance card, as well as Wilderness First Aid/CPR verification.
  • Evaluate Philmont trek and preparations. Prepare for next high-adventure experience. (cc, u)