2020 Crew Packet

Dear Philmont Advisor:

Greetings from Philmont Scout Ranch, Boy Scouts of America. We look forward to your crew’s arrival and are pleased to provide your 2020 Advisors Packet. It contains everything required to complete your planning for a successful Philmont trek. The following items have been mailed to you:

Philmont strongly recommends that you meet promptly with your crew members and parents to distribute and review the contents of the Advisors Packet. It is very important that each participant receive a 2020 Guidebook to Adventure immediately. This booklet contains current program information and items required for a successful trek.

Each Reservation Contact received an email in August of 2019 with a link to access the Philmont Camping Gateway. The link provides the information on assigning a Lead Advisor to the crew. For multi-crew reservations, the reservation contact is able to provide, thru the Gateway, a link to each Lead Advisor so that the assigned Lead Advisors can enter the information pertaining to their crew.

As you know the Philmont 2020 Itinerary Guidebook is online at PhilmontScoutRanch.org. It contains detailed descriptions of each of Philmont’s thirty-five 12-Day itineraries, the eleven 9-Day itineraries, and the sixteen 7-Day Itineraries. Using this Guide and the Philmont map, your crew can better plot the route based on their itinerary assignment.

Crew Rosters and Arrival/Departure information will be completed thru the Philmont Camping Gateway. Lead Advisors will be able to enter, update, and modify information. Philmont does their best to accommodate crews traveling by train or airplane and are required to arrive early or depart late. Please be sure to enter your complete crew roster as well as your arrival and departure information in the Philmont Camping Gateway. This will help the Philmont Staff plan and better prepare for your Philmont Adventure!

The Council and Unit Planning Guide for 2020 is also available online at PhilmontScoutRanch.org. A great deal of helpful information is found in this Guide. Please encourage all Adult Leaders in your crew to review this document.

The following documents are available for download and are important to share with your crew.

A SUPPLY OF THE BACKPACK TAGS FOR YOUR GROUP WILL BE ISSUED UPON ARRIVAL AT PHILMONT. These tags are designed to provide useful Philmont information as well as backpack identification.

The balance of your fees was due March 1, or according to your last invoice if you received a late reservation. Minor adjustments to your crew size can be accommodated, however, please notify Betty Pacheco, Camping Registrar, of any major changes.

As your crew works on fitness training to prepare for your trek, it is important that each participant meet the height/weight and other medical requirements as outlined in the Annual Health and Medical Record. If you have participants that have recorded their exam using the previous year’s form, please know that it will be accepted at the Philmont Infirmary in 2020. An Annual Health and Medical Record is valid through the end of the 12th month from the date it was administered by your medical provider.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have the option to use UPS or FedEx for shipping equipment (stoves, fuel bottles, backpacks, etc.) home after your trek. The Base Camp Mail Room will help with this process. Find information in the Council and Unit Planning Guide online.

Individual Program Flyers/Applications are available at PhilmontScoutRanch.org. Space is still available this summer in the Rayado, ROCS (Roving Outdoor Conservation School), Order of the Arrow Trail Crew, Trail Crew Trek, and STEM Trek Programs. These programs are excellent opportunities for experienced youths and a real plus if an older youth considers applying for Philmont staff in the future. They are also an option if a young person’s schedule prevents them from participating with their crew. Please inform your eligible Scouts or Venturers of these exciting and challenging programs.

Philmont employs 1,000+ seasonal staff and the hiring process is ongoing. If you know someone 18 years of age or over who might enjoy summer employment in New Mexico, please direct them to PhilmontScoutRanch.org where they can apply online.

Thank you for accepting the challenge and responsibility of leading a Philmont Expedition. We look forward to providing the adventure and excitement that only Philmont can offer – a rugged backcountry trek and a unique Scouting experience.


Steve Nelson
Director of Camping Services