Valle Vidal Itineraries

Several itineraries offer an opportunity to trek into the Valle Vidal Unit of Carson National Forest, which has a common border with Philmont in the vicinity of Dan Beard Camp or Rich Cabins Camp. Philmont has agreed that crews trekking in the Valle Vidal will use no-trace camping techniques. Each crew that chooses one of these itineraries will receive special training in Leave No Trace camping techniques and backcountry navigation. A crew that plans to trek into Valle Vidal must bring backpacking stoves and know how to use them.

The Valle Vidal offers an opportunity to backpack through breathtaking scenery and a chance to see different wildlife, including elk, beaver, and raptors. The Valle Vidal itineraries are designed for crews with older youth and/or experienced Philmont backpackers. There are several opportunities for cross-country travel that are challenging. Latrines, bear cables, fire rings, and other facilities are not provided in the Valle Vidal. The scenery and opportunities to see wildlife are marvelous for crews that are adequately prepared. Each member of the crew should be very proficient with maps and compasses and should be able to demonstrate this proficiency.

Philmont has established four temporary staffed camps in the Valle Vidal. The U.S. Forest Service has graciously allowed Philmont to establish staffed camps at Whiteman Vega, Ring Place, and Seally Canyon. The Rich Cabins and vicinity has been leased from the WB Ranch, which is privately owned. Each crew trekking into these areas is expected to demonstrate a sense of stewardship for public and private lands.