Policies and Prohibitions

Firearms and Fireworks

Philmont does not permit you to have personal firearms or fireworks in your possession while on the premises.

Smoking and Tobacco

Smoking and the use of tobacco products by anyone under age 18 is illegal in the state of New Mexico, and Philmont strongly discourages the use of tobacco products by anyone. All buildings, tents, and vehicles at Philmont are smoke-free. There are designated smoking areas for those who smoke.

Alcoholic Beverages

As a facility of the Boy Scouts of America, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on the property.


Possession of unprescribed drugs, or abuse of prescribed drugs, are expressly prohibited in the Philmont program. Individuals or groups found in violation of this policy will be sent home immediately.

Harassment and Hazing

Philmont and the Boy Scouts of America prohibit language or behavior that belittles or puts down members of the opposite sex, unwelcome advances, racial slurs, chastisement for religious or other beliefs, or any other actions or comments that are derogatory of people. Any form of hazing, initiations, ridicule, or inappropriate teasing are prohibited.


New Mexico has a mandatory seatbelt law, and speed limits are strictly enforced.


Other than those required for assistance, pets are not allowed at Philmont. Animals native to this part of the country are plentiful in the area, and we want to keep this natural environment for all guests to enjoy. The Raton Animal Hospital will board pets at a standard daily rate. You must place your pet before your arrival.


Philmont does not allow the use of drones for any purpose.