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How can I help?

As a non-profit organization the success of many of Philmont’s programs depend on the help and support of passionate volunteers. With this said we’ve dedicated this page to showcasing all sorts of exciting Philmont promotional materials designed to make volunteer efforts as successful as possible.

Where can I promote Philmont?

Roundtables, Universities of Scouting, Committee Meetings, Cub Scout Midways, and Philmont Training Center Family Meetings are classic examples of promotional opportunities, however any gathering of Scouters could also be great a great opportunity to recruit new Philmont participants.

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Philmont “Quick Facts”

Review these Philmont quick facts and you’ll sound like a pro when answering questions at Philmont promotional events!


These materials are included in general promotional kits that Philmont sends out. If you don’t have time to wait for a package from Philmont, you may print out the “PDF” handouts below.

Individual Programs Brochure

Overview of major camping programs


These full-color 11×17 inch posters look great tacked to walls or as window displays.