Climbing Director

This is a National Camping School Climbing Directors course designed for those who will be leading and instructing climbing/rappelling programs. It has been developed to support council, district, and unit volunteers in teaching safe climbing and rappelling techniques at Philmont’s natural sites or constructed facilities. This course includes initiative games, climbing, bouldering, rappelling, anchor systems, and a wide variety of ways to teach them. Participants will be divided into groups dependent on their skill level. Current Climbing Directors and Instructors will be in an advanced group to further their skills and update their certificate of training. Participants must be in good physical condition. Since most of this conference will take place in Philmont’s beautiful backcountry, participants will not have the opportunity to be with their family during the week. BSA Annual Health and Medical Record – parts A, B, and C are required. 


Week 11: September 15-21