Energize your Enterprise Risk Management

This is a hands-on, interactive workshop to help you energize your ERM committee to protect the people, property, environment, and brand of the Scouting movement in your council. The conference is designed for district, council, regional health and safety, and/or risk management committee members, plus council professionals who are assigned as the ERM committee staff advisers.

Many of our prior course participants are leading the charge for having actively engaged ERM committees in their councils. We know that members of camp assessment teams; program, camping, training, properties, or other key volunteers; unit leaders; and professionals, such as rangers, have health and safety or risk management responsibilities and will also benefit from this course.

As a participant, you will study the leading causes of incidents and conduct exercises in hazard and risk identification, analysis, and resolutions using the latest in program hazard analysis techniques. You will conduct an accident investigation and present it to a mock council executive board with your recommendations to prevent future occurrences. The course includes understanding insurance and compliance issues that face your council. Your instructors will include key volunteers from the Safe Scouting Support Committee and staff of the National EHS and RM teams.


Week 6: July 14-20