Philmont Family Adventure

Philmont Family Adventure Week is a unique chance to experience the Philmont Scout Ranch like never before! Open to
all registered members of the BSA and their families, you will have a chance to participate in all of the incredible
activities offered at Philmont and make memories with your family that will last a lifetime.

The Philmont Scout Ranch Family Adventure is designed to meet the needs of families and build bonds through
exciting and interactive programs. The program will operate in an open enrollment format where you and your family
will have the chance to choose activities that appeal to you. Families will meet for two program sessions daily:
Morning and Afternoon. Here, you will choose your activities. Additionally, there will be day-long activities such as
hiking to Inspiration Point and rock climbing in Philmont’s Backcountry. A parent must accompany their family on all
participated program.

Activities Include:

Inspiration Point Hike

Guided by a Program Counselor team from the Philmont Training Center, you will have the opportunity to hike as a
family to a spectacular view on the side of Urraca Mesa. A trail lunch will be provided in lieu of lunch at the
dining hall.

Nature Trail

Discover different plants and animals that live in this area, and explore some of the science that makes our
environment unique. This trail is across from the Philmont Training Center.

T-Rex Hike

Philmont is home to one of only two confirmed Tyrannosaurus Rex footprints in the world! Enjoy this hike in the
Philmont North Country to see this cool and rare footprint.

Rock Climbing

This is a day-long session beginning with a mild hike from Cimarroncito Turnaround to Cimarroncito Backcountry
Staff Camp. Once there, you will receive a safety briefing and climbing demonstration followed by a chance to climb
several different routes on natural rock.

Urraca Loop Trail Hike

If you are looking for an easier hike to hike with your family then the Urraca Loop Trail is for you! This 3-mile
loop focuses on the changing geology and fauna from the plains to the low hill region of Urraca Mesa.

Lovers Leap Hike

Lovers Leap is an iconic spot at Philmont. The 2.5-mile hike from Lover’s Turnaround to Lovers Leap has some
elevation change, with the base of the canyon at 6,500 feet climbing to the jutting cliff face at 7,372 feet. Join us
in visiting this ancient rock and discover the legend that gave it its name!

Philmont Living History Day

Are you interested in learning about Philmont history from the days of the dinosaur to the present? This day will
begin with a hike to the T-Rex Track and then onto Indian Writings for a lesson about the petroglyphs of the early
inhabitants of the North Ponil Canyon.

Craft Center

The open program format at the Craft Center allows you to show up for instruction for any of the craft activities
offered including the chance to work with ceramics, wearable art (clothing and accessories), leathercraft, stamp art,
Southwestern crafts, and home decor. Please note that Craft Center activities are an additional purchase, based on
what craft you’d like to make.

Shooting Sports

Shooting sports will be offered in two ways. In the “Archery” blocks, the emphasis will be on teaching Archery as
well as safe use of Slingshots and Tomahawks – this program is tailored for youth up to age 11. In alternating
sessions, the focus will be on “Shooting Sports – Rifles/Shotguns”, including .22 rifles, shotguns, and air guns.
Participants will start by learning the fundamentals or move on to aerial targets if they are more experienced. The
“Shooting Sports – Rifles/Shotguns” program is available to youth and adults ages 11 and up.


COPE stands for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience which consists of initiative games, trust events, and high
and low ropes courses. Some activities involve a group challenge, while others develop individual skill and agility.
This program will be offered in the afternoon sessions and will give you the opportunity to experience High COPE and
Low COPE course challenges together. Our brand new COPE tower will be available with elements to challenge
individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Horseback Riding

For families interested in learning about life in the saddle of a Northern New Mexico cowboy, you can make the trip
down to Cattle Headquarters. While there, wranglers will provide an introduction to saddles and tack before taking
the group on a trail ride. For the safety of the rider and the horse, there is a 200-pound weight limit and minimum
of 24″ inseam for all riders.

Mountain Trek

The mountain trek program is specifically designed for youth ages 14-20 who are attending a full session with their
family. Mountain Trek crews hike 20 to 30 miles into the backcountry, where participants stay at several camps that
offer a variety of exciting programs along with time to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Philmont. Crews are
supervised by Philmont Mountain Trek Rangers.

Although the Philmont Family Adventure program offers a packed schedule for families to enjoy the outdoors
together, it should be noted that you are not required to attend all scheduled events. They may choose to shop at the
Tooth of Time Traders, enjoy an ice cream cone from the Cantina, check out the Philmont
, or explore the surrounding areas such as Cimarron, Eagle
, Angle Fire, and Taos.



Session Week 3 Week 4 Week 8 Week 9 Capacity
Full Session June 23-June 29 June 30-July 6 July 28-August 3 August 4-August 10 250
First Session June 23-June 26 June 30-July 3 July 28-July 31 August 4-August 7 250
Second Session June 26-June 29 July 3-July 6 July 31-August 3 August 7-August 10 250


Full Week Half Week
Participant Price Participant Price
Adult $350 Adult $215
Children/Youth $150 Children/Youth $100
Mountain Trek $440

Roofed Housing is availble during your stay on a first come/first served basis for an additional fee.

If you have any questions please check out our Frequently Asked
or contact the Training Center office at 575-376-2281.