Scouting for Jewish Youth

This course is designed to help everyone involved in Scouting for Jewish Youth make a greater impact in their role. We have designed a course for Jewish scouters, unit leaders, members of council Committees on Scouting, and Jewish and non-Jewish professional staff. Topics will include: Scouting’s values are Jewish values; Jewish programming for local units and councils; Scouting for the Jewish family; special considerations in dealing with Jewish institutions; how to form a new, sustainable unit sponsored by a Jewish institution; how to form or reorganize a local council Jewish Committee on Scouting; the three Jobs of the council Jewish committee on Scouting; Jewish religious observance (including Shomer Shabbat) while camping and trekking; Jewish scouting resources on the web; the Jewish religious emblem program; adult opportunities and recognitions; the value of visibility of Jewish Scouting beyond your unit; becoming a Jewish Chaplain; developing relationships with Jewish Scouts of other nations; the Jewish scoutmaster’s minute; and more.


Week 2: June 16-22