Second Century Service

 The addition of girls to our packs and troops isn’t the only thing that is different in Scouting’s second century. Unit service is different, too. Effective commissioners remain focused on helping unit leaders better serve more youth through Scouting. But to be effective and have impact today, they must be familiar with new tools, techniques, technology available to them, and know how to develop and maintain productive relationships with unit leaders and other Scouting volunteers and professionals.

This conference provides all commissioners with the most current information on their continually changing environment and provides them with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to have impact. An engaging week that explores all aspects of unit service, including capturing and accessing actionable information in Commissioner Tools, strengthening relationships among Key 3 and district operating committee members, and delivering effective roundtables. Added Bonus: A Commissioner Week conference that provides the opportunity to meet and interact with our national commissioner and members of the national commissioner service team while networking with commissioners throughout the country.

Best for: All commissioners.


Week 1: June 9-15