Strengthening Council Unit Service

Empowered Council Unit Service teams have an impact! This conference provides council commissioners and those who support them with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to confidently fulfill their responsibilities.

An understanding of roles and responsibilities and an ability to build and maintain strong relationships is essential. A clear vision of great unit service for the council and an action plan that enable fulfillment of it are also key ingredients of success. Add in the ability to effectively communicate the vision and its plan, assess progress and adapt when necessary, and you have a formula for success.

Attending this conference will help create an empowered team that will strengthen unit service across an entire council.

Along the way, participants will have opportunities to see how Philmont delivers unique high adventure opportunities that provide life changing experiences for youth. Bring the entire family so they can experience the magic of Philmont too.

Added Bonus: A Commissioner Week conference that provides the opportunity to meet and interact with our national commissioner and members of the national commissioner service team while networking with commissioners throughout the country.

Best For: Council and assistant council commissioners and commissioned professionals who support them.


Week 1: June 9-15