Strengthening District Unit Service

District and assistant district commissioners make a difference in their district AND in their council! They lead a team that helps units in the district grow and thrive and also helps fulfill the council’s vision for unit service.

This conference ensures a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of district and assistant district commissioners. It provides the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to build and lead an effective district unit service team and practical experience in assessing unit service strengths and needs and developing a vision for unit service in the district that also supports the council’s vision. It offers insights into clearly communicating the vision and its plan, developing and maintaining the strong relationships essential to effective unit service. It enables unit service that will help units better serve more youth, male and female, through Scouting.

This conference offers the opportunity to learn in a Scouting setting with others who are equally committed to serving youth. Philmont’s beauty surrounds participants while also offering an opportunity to understand how its unique high adventure opportunities provide life-changing experiences for youth. Bring the entire family so they can experience the magic of Philmont too.

Added Bonus: A Commissioner Week conference that provides the opportunity to meet and interact with our national commissioner and members of the national commissioner service team while networking with commissioners throughout the country.

Best For: Unit commissioners, district and assistant district commissioners, and council and assistant council commissioners.


Week 1: June 9-15