Venturing Shooting Sports Spectacular

This exciting conference delves into the world of shooting sports and the high caliber of Venturing Scouts! These tracks will cover more than just paper targets. One track will follow Venturers–try your hand at shooting large bore rifles, sporting clays, cowboy action, three-gun, competition, and black powder rifles. Venturers even have the chance to get into Philmont’s backcountry! The second track allows Venturing Advisors to earn the NRA Instructors Certificate in pistol and shotgun!

The shotgun and pistol NRA Instructor Courses will be held at the Philmont Training Center. Participants must be aware of time constraints set by the NRA this course will be held outside of the normal training center time line and nightly programs. Student should expect to be in class between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. With the normal meal times breaks. The schedule for the course will be Monday will be Student Shotgun Course, Tuesday will be Student Pistol, Wednesday will be Basic Instructor Training and will be a six hour day. Thursday will be Shotgun Instructor Training and Friday will be Pistol Instructor training.


Week 7: July 21-27