Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling promotes Scouting by sharing meaningful photos and videos via social media to help attract the next generation of Scouts and Scouters. We explore composition and the importance of capturing peak action and expression. We cover methods for gathering quality audio and conducting interviews effectively. We teach about multiple tools, starting with smartphones, then moving to digital cameras and digital voice recorders. We emphasize what content in photographs and videos makes for a compelling story. The most important part of the course occurs when we dive into how to use social media to share your stories with your network of friends and relatives. Visual Storytelling offers a hands-on experience. You’ll capture and share stories from day one and hopefully share regularly when you return home. The staff includes experienced photojournalists and other photography professionals. Come join us at Philmont Training Center and help tell the stories of Scouting!


Week 11: September 15-21