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Since the 1940’s, Philmont has been offering guided, invitational big game hunts to those actively involved in Scouting. Sportsmen are considered upon recommendation from a local council Scout Executive. If approved, Sportsmen will be able to submit an application to hunt, which must be accompanied by a deposit. If successful in the draw, Sportsmen will receive a letter of acceptance. If unsuccessful, Philmont will refund the deposit and Sportsmen will remain on the mailing list for future hunts.

All hunters must purchase a Game-hunting or Game-hunting and Fishing License before applying for any big game draw license.

Big Game Hunts

Philmont hosts several hunts throughout the year, including antelope, elk, deer, bear, mountain lion, turkey and buffalo. More information about fees and hunts can be found below.


Sportsman Adventure fees include room and board, a guide, vehicle, skinners, packers, and meat processing. There are no individual charges and charges will not be proroated each day.

Come set your sights on Philmont’s unique big game hunting invitational. Experience an exceptional adventure, make memories and enjoy Philmont’s beautiful country.


Hunt 2018 Dates # of Hunters Fee (tax incl.)
Turkey April 14-18 6 Hunters $2,600
Turkey April 23-27 8 Hunters $2,600
Antelope Aug 28-31 4 Hunters $2,750
Antelope Sept 4-7 4 Hunters $2,750
Elk (Archery) Sept 8-14 4 Hunters $9,000
Elk (Rifle) Sept 30-Oct 6 12 Hunters $9,000
Deer (Management) Oct 19-24 16 Hunters $2,750
Elk (Rifle) Nov 9-15 10 Hunters $9,000
Elk (Rifle) Dec 8-14 8 Hunters $9,000
Bear/Cougar Add-on to another hunt $1,000 (only if taken)
(with outfitter)
Contact Philmont for Information on Outfitters  
Combo Rut Trophy
Deer and Elk
Please contact us $13,500
Please contact us $2,500-$5,000
Non-hunting guests Please contact us $150 per guest

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