Itinerary Difficulty Ratings

Crews should choose an itinerary that matches their degree of physical fitness. Mileage, ruggedness of terrain, and the number of layovers are considered, and each itinerary is assigned one of four difficulty ratings. Most crews choose an itinerary that is rated as “Challenging” or “Rugged.”


A “Challenging” itinerary will allow the crew more time for program. It also allows time to do some interesting side hiking, visit backcountry trading posts, take showers, and just enjoy the solitude of the backcountry trail camps. 


A “Rugged” itinerary, although offering more physical challenges, is very enjoyable for a crew that has trained. It also offers a variety of exciting programs. 


A “Strenuous” itinerary is just as it sounds. A great experience for a crew of physically fit, older Scouts Venturers, and capable adults. More time is devoted to hiking; however, a well prepared crew can still experience several programs. Many seasoned crews who have hiked together several years choose a strenuous itinerary.  

Super Strenuous

A “Super Strenuous” is, by far, the most difficult and, for a small but dedicated group of Philmont crews, the most rewarding! These few itineraries are highlighted by climbing some of Philmont’s highest peaks and hiking long days of many miles. These itineraries should only be attempted by older more experienced crews where every person is in exceptional physical condition.