Trout Restoration

South Ponil creek is located at Philmont Scout Ranch, which is within the Sangre deCristo Mountains of north central New Mexico. South Ponil creek is a tributary to the larger Ponil Creek within the Cimarron River watershed. The goals of the Trout Restoration project are to:

  • Improve the condition of the Ponil Creek watershed to meet current water quality standards
  • Maintain and improve normal hydrologic function to Ponil Creek and its tributaries
  • Improve the habitat for the Cutthroat Trout, other native fish, aquatic species and terrestrial wildlife

These goals are being achieved through collaboration, ground restoration treatments, education and outreach and mapping and monitoring.

Philmont received grant money to improve its road crossings of a section of South Ponil creek between Ponil and Pueblano camps. Road improvement structures can be installed to improve water drainage from road surfaces, to dissipate water onto the landscape that will infiltrate the soil, filter sediment and prevent sediment runoff into the creek. There are several different kinds of improvement structures, such as rolling dips that spill water onto
vegetative buffer zones instead of into the creek. There are four total road crossings, which the GIS staff visited
to map and draw. These drawings are graphically presented on the following two pages.