2019 Itineraries and Guidebook to Adventure Released

Dear 2019 Reservation Contacts and Lead Advisors:
We are excited to release the 2019 Itinerary Book and Guidebook to Adventure early so you can use them as you prepare for your adventure this summer. Please download them at the links below. We cannot wait for your arrival this summer. Please review the documents and notes below to prepare for your adventure.
Important Notes:
  • If you have not assigned your Lead Advisor for your crew(s) please do so ASAP. If you do not have a Lead Advisor assigned to your crew you will not be able to select itinerary preferences.
  • Itinerary selection will take place on January 29th and 30th, 2019. More information on the specifics will come in an email to the Lead Advisor(s) closer to those dates.
  • You will receive a package from Philmont by mid-March. This package will include materials to help you prepare for your adventure, including individual copies of the Guidebook to Adventure, and a 2019 Overall Philmont Map. The Itinerary Guidebook will only be available via download from the Philmont website.