About Philmont

Philmont Scout Ranch is the Boy Scouts of America’s largest National High-Adventure Base. Born in 1938 as Philturn Rocky Mountain Scout Camp, Philmont has become a bustling center for high adventure and training. It covers 140,177 acres of rugged mountain wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains in northeastern New Mexico. Ancient Native Americans chipped petroglyphs into canyon walls. Spanish conquistadors explored the Southwest long before the first colonists arrived on the Atlantic coast. The rugged breed of mountain man such as Kit Carson blazed trails across this land. The great land barons like Lucien Maxwell built ranches along the Santa Fe Trail. Miners, loggers and cowboys have all left their mark on Philmont’s unique history.

Philmont Scout Ranch operates 35 staffed camps and 55 trail camps across the rugged terrain that range in elevation from 6,500 to 12,441 feet. More than 1 million scouts, venturers, and advisors have experienced the adventure of Philmont since its first camping season in 1939. Most activities take place during the summer, but Philmont also offers programs during the off season such as Autumn and Winter Adventure. Throughout its existence, conscientious attention to low-impact camping techniques and diligent wildlife and forestry conservation work has helped maintain Philmont’s wilderness.

In addition to providing an unforgettable adventure in backpacking across miles of rugged, rocky trails, Philmont Scout Ranch offers programs that feature the best of the old west—horseback riding, burro packing, gold panning, chuckwagon dinners, and interpretive history—with exciting challenges for today such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and sport shooting. It’s an unbeatable recipe for fast-paced fun in the outdoors.

Philmont Scout Ranch Vision Statement

To continue to positively impact the lives of young people and their Scouting leaders through inspiring and effective delivery of the finest Scouting possible through backcountry adventures and Training Center experiences is the vision of Philmont Scout Ranch.

That these experiences will be expanded to help meet increasing demands is our further vision. All future growth must be accomplished with minimal ecological impact on resources to ensure the preservation of this great asset to serve future generations of scouts.


Change Lives


Delivering Wilderness and Learning Adventures that Last a Lifetime

Leave Not Trace Statement

As the world’s largest outdoor youth camp and a leader in the Scouting movement, Philmont Scout Ranch sets the standard for outdoor ethics education. The Principles of Leave No Trace and the Philmont Wilderness Pledge are integral to preserving the rich cultural, historical, and environmental resources that make up a fundamental part of our backcountry experiences. Gold Standard is Leave No Trace’s highest form of recognition. The Philmont staff are trained to meet each participant where they are to develop an appreciation for the importance of these resources, from the family camper to the Leave No Trace Master Educator.

American Camp Association Accreditation

Philmont Scout Ranch is a historic and expansive youth camp that holds a special place in the hearts of Scouts and outdoor enthusiasts. Philmont is not just a camp; it’s a living history lesson where participants can immerse themselves in activities like homesteading, mining, and early western settlement reenactments. Philmont’s commitment to excellence is underscored by its accreditation and affiliation with the American Camp Association (ACA). ACA Accreditation signifies Philmont’s dedication to maintaining high standards in program quality and ensuring the health and safety of campers and staff. Through this accreditation process, Philmont continues to enhance its operations, offer best practices in policies and procedures, and strive for continuous improvement to provide a memorable and enriching experience for all who visit.

Philmont Photo Album

Check out Philmontphotoarchive.org for a collection of program, wildlife, and landscape photos as well as an archive of crew photos going back many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Philmont Scout Ranch and the Philmont Training Center.