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Philmont Quick Facts

Review these Philmont quick facts and you’ll sound like a pro when answering questions at Philmont promotional events!


Brochures are available to order (no charge) to help promote Philmont opportunities at your local Scouting events. If you don’t have time to wait for a shipment of brochures, you may download and print the PDF brochures for your promotional needs. 

Philmont Promotional Videos

Download Philmont promotional videos to share on social media or with your unit. LEARN MORE

Apply To Be a Philmont Ambassador

The Philmont Training Center is excited to work with you as a Philmont Ambassador. Approved by the Scout Executive, each Ambassador promotes PTC opportunities and other Philmont programs to their local unit, district, and council volunteers and professionals. Today, nearly 200 ambassadors have been approved by Scout Executives across the country. 


These full-color 11×17 inch posters look great tacked to walls or as window displays.

Trek Press Release

This sample press release will help crews share their story with local media outlets. LEARN MORE

Broaden the Scope of Your Promotions

Use the contact information provided below to obtain promotional materials from our friends at Northern Tier and Florida Sea Base to spread the word about all of BSA’s High Adventure Opportunities.