New in 2020: 9-Day Treks

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Philmont Scout Ranch is excited to announce 9-day treks as an additional program option available to those who want to participate in a Philmont trek. 9-day treks are an excellent option for those who want to spend more than a week in Philmont’s backcountry, but may not be able to make it out for a full 12-day trek due to travel or other factors.

New itineraries are currently being built for this opportunity, which will be available in limited quantities in 2020 and 2021. The price for 9-Day treks will be $900 in 2020 and $965 in 2021.

These new treks will allow participants more time in the backcountry than a 7-day trek. With the added time in the backcountry comes additional opportunities to do program and summit peaks, as well as more time for hiking after the acclimation process.

“We’re excited that 9-day treks will give more opportunity, not just to Scouts, but also to leaders who have limited vacation time and can’t take off time for a 12-day trek, but may be able to take off the time for a 9-day trek,” says Director of Camping Steve Nelson.

During the summer of 2020, 9-day treks will be departing on Mondays, and three slots will be available each Monday. If your unit or council contingent is interested in a 9-day trek for 2020, call Philmont at 575-376-2281 and ask to speak with our camping registrars.

Registration for 2021 treks will open on October 28, 2019, and itinerary selection for 2021 will open in January 2021. If you’re interested in a 9-day trek in the summer of 2021, the registration process for those will be the same as 12- and 7-day treks.

Watch our announcement here:

8 responses to “New in 2020: 9-Day Treks”

  1. Hi, love that new 9 day option. I’m interested in Knowing the dates still available for July 2020.

  2. This is fantastic! Our troop had an initial planning meeting for Philmont 2021 and there was debate that the 7 day was not long enough, but the 12 day might be a challenge for adults to get that much time as you’ve stated. The 9 day will likely be a hit when I announce the new option at our next meeting tomorrow night! Thanks so much!!

  3. This is great news. If we’re already registered for a 12-day can convert that down to a 9-day. Or are we in open season again?

    • Give our office a call and ask to speak to the camping registrars! They’ll be able to help you further.

  4. Troop 119, Council 01 would like a 7-day Trek starting June 23 or June 24. Please let me know how to proceed.