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Philmont is working to support the LGBTQ+ community

August 21, 2021 – For much of Philmont’s history, the culture of the Boy Scouts America did not allow for the full expression of all individual identities. The focus on the development of traditionally masculine attributes in young men and the lack of acceptance of non-traditional identities in society at large for most of the […]

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Philmont staff alumni offer words of wisdom for next generation

Each summer, more than 23,000 scouts travel from all corners of the US and abroad to participate in the rich backcountry program and trekking opportunities available at Philmont Scout Ranch. Supporting that operation is a team of over 1,500 specialized staff members that often represent all 50 states and even other nations. Over the past […]

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Work in the Philmont Dining Hall

Each summer Philmont hires more than 1,100 staff members to help us deliver the Philmont experience to more than 22,000 Scouts. We receive a lot of applications for positions in the Ranger Department, Conservation and Backcountry, but we still need help in many base camp positions, including the dining halls. While these positions may not […]

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Join our Food Packing Team

Each Spring the Philmont Commissary packs 400,000+ trail meals to feed participants and staff throughout the upcoming summer. This is your chance to join the team! Employment Dates Contracts run from February 20th through April 30th, with opportunities to extend until the start of a summer contract. Perks Each seasonal employee enjoys free meals, free […]

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