Philmont Announces Tooth Hike for Family Adventure Camp Participants

Philmont Scout Ranch and the Philmont Training Center are excited to announce the addition of a Tooth of Time hike to the Adventure Activities offerings during the Philmont Family Adventure Camp Program!

The Philmont Family Adventure Camp was created in 2018 and offers families the opportunity to enjoy Philmont as a family, while participating in fun Adventure Activities. These activities include Rock Climbing, Craft Center, Shooting Sports, COPE, Horseback Riding, Fishing, multiple hikes including the Tooth of Time, as well as many more exciting programs for you and your family to enjoy together.

This summer you can experience the Philmont Family Adventure Camp during one of four weeks.

  • Week 3 – June 23-29
  • Week 4 – June 30-July 6
  • Week 8 – July 28-August 3
  • Week 9 – August 4-10
Each week has the option of a full or half session. Please note that because of acclimation time, the Tooth Hike will only be available to full week participants.


Things to Note

The Tooth hike was previously available for PTC participants beginning in the 1960s through the 1990s, and we’re excited to reopen this activity for our full week Family Adventure Camp Participants. This staff-led hike is very strenuous and abilities of all family members should be discussed before considering this activity. BSA Medicals parts A, B, and C will be required for this hike, and children must be 6 years or older to participate.

There are a limited number of slots available for this hike, and due to the acclimation time of this elevation, Philmont will be offering this hike for full week participants on the last two days of the week. When you arrive at your Philmont Family Adventure Camp, we will have a Medical Recheck team set up to go over your BSA Medical Parts A, B, and C. Once checked off, you will be able to submit a lottery ticket for the Tooth Hike. All ticket entrants will be notified of their hike status before the hikes.

A new scholarship is available from the generosity of the Philmont Staff Association. Youth between the ages of  5 – 10 who will be experiencing Philmont for the first time are eligible for this scholarship, and the deadline has been extended until May 15th. APPLY TODAY

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  1. Wish it was an option for families attending PTC for training. My husband would love it.