Philmont Scout Ranch prepares to open for the summer of 2021

May 14, 2021 – Despite challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Philmont Scout Ranch is busy preparing to welcome back more than 25,500 participants to its backcountry trek programs this summer and another 1,800+ to the Philmont Training Center in 2021. This decision comes after more than a year of detailed planning and COVID-19 mitigation efforts. In addition to welcoming back participants, Philmont will also employ nearly 1,400 staff members to support this operation. Every aspect of this year’s program has been designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 to keep the Ranch, all of its participants, staff and our community safe.

Philmont is also pleased to announce that the state of New Mexico is in support of our operations and programming for this summer. “This is exciting news, but also brings with it the highest degree of responsibility for each individual setting foot on the property,” said General Manager Roger Hoyt.

The Philmont Summer Staff have already begun arriving, but the majority will arrive between May 15th and May 28th. Unlike in years past, Philmont will only be housing the entirety of these staff members for a brief period in base camp before separating departments into their specific training groups and out into the backcountry.

The summer season will begin on June 6th when the first crews will begin to arrive at Philmont to begin their backpacking experience. Starting on June 7th, an average of 400 participants will be hitting the trail every day until August 14th. The last crews will depart from the Ranch on August 21st.

The Philmont Training Center will also host 8 weeks of conferences and 12 weeks of Family Adventure Camp this summer. These programs also begin on June 6th and conclude at the end of August. BSA Family Adventure Camp at Philmont, a program also available at Philmont’s partner bases, Florida Sea Base and the Summit Bechtel Reserve, allows families to participate in activities at Base Camp as well as the backcountry as a family.

Philmont would like to thank our neighbors for their continued support as we prepare to host scouts again during this most unusual year. The obligation we have to keep the village of Cimarron and surrounding area safe is of extreme importance to us. “It takes a village to provide the ultimate youth development experience, and in this case that village is literal,” said Hoyt. “Cimarron, our surrounding communities and our friends and neighbors all come together to support the life changing experiences our scouts and leaders will enjoy. I’d hate to think what a trip to Philmont would be like without a chance to visit town, learn about our history, and buy a treat or souvenir.”

Philmont participants and staff will be encouraged to visit town and support local businesses using the safety protocols and guidelines outlined in our COVID-19 mitigation plan. The Ranch recognizes this important balance and the nature of our mutual relationship. Together, we look forward to providing wilderness and learning adventures that last a lifetime.