Recovery Corps Continue Work to Prepare for 2019 Summer

With Itinerary selection over, many have asked how is the Philmont Recovery Corps preparing Philmont for the summer. We caught up with Work Crew Delta to see what they are working on.

Work Crew Delta was up on the ridge near the chuckwagon pavilion digging a fire ring and sump for campsite 17. They are just one of several crews who spend several days a week installing new campsites, repairing old campsites, and identifying locations for better campsites. The crews average about 3 campsite installs per day, depending on digging and weather conditions.

Work crews are creating new campsites at new staff and trail camps as well as expanding campsites at existing camps to better service crews this summer. The work can be hard, as Work Crew Delta was experiencing in the Ponil Canyon. In many areas removing the topsoil reveals layers of rock that work crews then have to dig or chisel through in order to get fire rings and sumps at the proper depth.

Winter Conservation Foreman Dallas Elmore uses a pick-mattock to dig a trench for a new sump at Ponil campsite 17.
After chiseling and loosening the layers of rock, Work Crew Delta digs out the loose dirt and rock from the new sump trench at Ponil campsite 17.
Members of Work Crew Delta align the drain holes prior to setting and burying the new sump at Ponil campsite 17.
Work Crew Delta buries their new sump at Ponil campsite 17. What took more than an hour to dig is quickly filled in and ready for use by crews this summer.
Work Crew Delta from left to right: Aaron Murray, Chance Sloan, Dallas Elmore, and Staurt Hahn.

Additional work crews are continuing timber stand improvement, hanging new bear cables, mastication work, running a sawmill, and preparing for Philbreak 2019.

5 responses to “Recovery Corps Continue Work to Prepare for 2019 Summer”

  1. I was always curious what was under the surface of the Philmont sump. All we see is the top 8”, and don’t know where our gray water goes. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. So proud to see one of my guys on here. It’s great to see these guys give back to scouts in a way that makes them happy!

    Lots of Love! MTM