Philmont Scout Ranch FAQ

Philmont Trek and Cavalcade participants must be 14 years of age OR be at least 13 years of age and completed the 8th grade prior to participation.

There is someone available at the Welcome Center around the clock. Formal check-in at CHQ offices is from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily.  Crews arriving on their scheduled check-in date should plan to arrive between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. in order to complete all first day activities before the crew hits the trail the next day.

Coming from Cimarron, continue past the Training Center, Villa Philmonte, National Scouting Museum, and turn right at the Camping Headquarters sign. As you pass the main gateway, turn left to the Welcome Center.

There is a wireless network that can be accessed from most locations at Camping Headquarters.

There is a coin-operated laundry facility conveniently located at Camping Headquarters.

There are no merit badge classes offered at Philmont. However, many of the programs scouts are involved in may meet the requirements of numerous merit badges. It will be up to your merit badge counselor at home to decide to accept requirements done at Philmont. Ask your crew’s advisor to provide written documentation, if your counselor requires it.

At camping headquarters the tents you will be housed in for your first and last night are two-person wall tents. Philmont issued backcountry tents hold two individuals.

Camping Headquarters is NOT able to accept credit card payments for fees in the off-season. Credit cards are accepted at Registration on check-in day.  Philmont’s Trading Post (Tooth of Time Traders) and the gift shop at the National Scouting Museum accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards.

We’re sorry, but pets of any kind are NOT allowed at Philmont.

Camping Headquarters features refrigeration in our infirmary for medications only. This will not be accessible during your trek.

Each crew is allowed one (1) large manila envelope for storage in our safe while hiking in the backcountry.

Please DO NOT arrive early or depart late unless required by airline or train schedules. If a crew finds that their travel arrangements require arriving or departing other than on scheduled days, Philmont recommends that groups utilize other alternatives.

If it is necessary to arrive early or depart late, please enter the information in the Philmont Camping Gateway. All layovers are limited to one night either arrival or departure.

To reduce the impact on other crews and program activities, early arrival crews must arrive prior to 7:00pm. This might require making overnight arrangements at other locations and arriving at Philmont in the morning the regularly scheduled arrival day.

Scheduled expeditions will have priority for base camp accommodations over groups arriving early or departing late. All early arrivals/late departures will be assigned trail tents for lodging unless space is available in regular 7’ x 9’ wall tents on platforms with cots. The charge for additional meals is $6 per person, per meal and extra lodging is $6 per person, per night if you use your own tents or $10 per person, per night if you use Philmont tents.

You may look into arrangements off-site by contacting the Cimarron Chamber of Commerce 575-376-2417 or 1-888-376-2417, website:

We do not have the hook-ups for trailers but you can bring and store them here in the parking lots.

During the summer, daytime temperatures commonly reach 80 to 90° F but with very low humidity. Night time temperatures are usually very comfortable and sometimes even a bit chilly (occasionally reaching into the 40s and even lower at higher elevations). Mid-afternoon thundershowers are fairly common but seldom last more than an hour.