Philmont Announces Fire Recovery Donation Match

Philmont Scout Ranch is excited to announce a $1 million donation to the Ute Park Fire Recovery Fund by the PY Foundation of New Mexico. The donation comes via a $100,000 gift each year for the next five years and a $100,000 matching gift to donations raised by Philmont each of the next five years. The total gift with matching components will be $1.5 million. This donation will have a significant impact on the ability for Philmont to continue to deliver a quality program to future Scouts from across the country.

Fire recovery funds are being used to complete projects across the Ranch. The Philmont Recovery Corps is working on land stabilization projects within the burn scar using log erosion barriers, waddles, and reseeding. To mitigate future forest fire impact, Philmont is undertaking the manual thinning of the forest across the unaffected portions of the Ranch to improve the timber stand to a normal fire cycle health. As wildfires have been suppressed across the United States, the forests have become overgrown which results in an increased fuel load and larger fires when a fire does start.

To learn more about our fire recovery efforts and their importance please watch this documentary titled Beyond the Ashes.

Your donations will help us continue the important work of fire recovery and mitigation. Don’t forget that your donation will be matched by the PY Foundation up to $100,000 per year.

2 responses to “Philmont Announces Fire Recovery Donation Match”

  1. I am considering making a contribution by check to the fire recovery effort.
    Can you give me information on how to do that.
    – Will the check qualify for matching?
    – What is the address to mail the check?
    – What is the EIN to be used?

    • Norman,

      Your check will qualify for the matching gift and we will be reaching out via email. Thank you for your support of Philmont!

      Dominic – Marketing Manager