Top 5 Reasons You Should Work in the Philmont Dining Hall

Each summer Philmont hires more than 1,100 staff members to help us deliver the Philmont experience to more than 22,000 Scouts. We receive a lot of applications for positions in the Ranger Department, Conservation and Backcountry, but we still need help in many base camp positions, including the dining halls. While these positions may not sound as appealing as being a Philmont Ranger, they have some perks that most people don’t realize, making them a great way to enjoy the Philmont staff experience. Here are the top 5 reasons you should work in the dining hall!

1. Best Days Off Schedule on the Ranch

Our dining hall staff work very hard and are rewarded with a 4 day on, 3 day off schedule. If you want to work at Philmont to explore the backcountry, then this is the schedule you want. Many backcountry staff spend their days off traveling to base and doing laundry. Dining hall staff are hitting the trails on their days off and exploring the beauty of Philmont’s mountains.

Photo by Robert Seginack (2019 CHQ Dining Hall Staff)

2. The pay is better!

Starting pay for most first-year staff members is $1,190, but for dining hall staff, pay starts at $1,325. So if you want to earn more money then get your application in today! (Salaries are for the 2020 season and include room/board)

Photos by Chris Miller (2019 CHQ Dining Hall Staff)

3. You interact with Scouts before and after their trek!

One of the most rewarding experiences at Philmont is seeing the transformation and excitement of Scouts who have just completed their trek. When you serve a crew before they hit the trail, you can see their excitement and when they return you see a little bit of exhaustion, but a different excitement.

Timelapse by Chris Miller (2019 CHQ Dining Hall Staff)

4. You play a key role in delivering the magic of Philmont!

Everyone has to eat! Crews and staff need to eat in order to have their adventures. Without a dedicated and talented team in our dining hall the Philmont experience would not be the legendary adventure it is known for.

Photo by Clay Helfrick (2016 MPS Photographer)

5. The Dining Hall is a great way to get your foot in the door!

Many departments such as Rangers, Backcountry, and Conservation are looking for staff who have previous Philmont experience. Working in the dining hall is a great way to get this experience! Staff who work hard in the dining hall and receive good evaluations and recommendations from their managers are desirable by other departments in future years. There are also paths for advancement in the dining hall if you really like the days off schedule and increased pay!

Photos by Chris Miller (2019 CHQ Dining Hall Staff)

Apply Today!

What are you waiting for? Our hiring managers are busy sorting through applications and filling positions. Get your application in today for a summer you won’t forget!

12 responses to “Top 5 Reasons You Should Work in the Philmont Dining Hall”

  1. Gotta say. When I came back from the trail, it was one of the best meals of my life. Fancy restaurants never generated such joy.

  2. Absolutely! My first summer at Philmont was proudly serving the campers, staff and visitors. I meet just about everyone who came through camping headquarters, made tons of friends and always had folks to hike with on days off. The adventures and connections forge the way to working another three years.

  3. It worked for me 46 years ago, in 1974. I was 17 and you had to be 18 to be a Ranger. That was the first year of the present dining hall. The pictures bring back good memories. Sometimes we would go back in the walk-in freezer at the end of a meal to cool off for a few moments.
    Every day off was used to hike somewhere on the Ranch.
    I was a Ranger for the next two summers and loved it.

    • The only age restrictions we have are that you must be at least 18 to work at Philmont and some positions require you to be at least 21.

    • Charles,

      Most contracts at Philmont run about May 25th through August 22nd. The dining hall has some more flexibility on both ends of those since they are staffed to serve staff who start arriving in early May and leave at the end of August. We just ask that you put accurate dates on your application for availability, once you apply a hiring manager can reach out and try to find the right position for you. Get your application in soon!

  4. Best 4 summers of my life working at Philmont at CHQ dining hall. Besides the reasons above I like to add a few more:
    1. The Job is fun so many opportunities to explore the camp, other departments, and New Mexico.

    2. Joey and his management team care so much about their staff. His recommendations care a lot of weight both in and out of Camp.

    3. Many opportunities to grow and learn management.

    Dining hall and the kitchen truly great places to work!!!!!!