2024 Custom Crew Shirt Catalog & FAQ

Click the catalog link below to view and shop our clickable 2024 Custom Crew Catalog! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to The Tooth of Time Traders and we will be happy to assist.


How long will it take to receive my order?
Custom crew shirts will take up to 10 weeks to arrive after date of purchase. If you want the shirts delivered to your home address, find the day you depart home for your trek and subtract 10 weeks.

What is the minimum order quantity?
The base pricing for shirts is calculated from a 12-shirt order minimum. We are allowing orders of 8-11 shirts to be placed this year, but it is required that you add a $35 surcharge into your cart before checking out.

How do I meet a minimum?
A minimum requires that all shirts have the same art choice, 3 lines of customization, and shirt color, but feel free to mix and match between short and long sleeve and shirt sizes.

How do I place my order?
All orders are placed online at ToothofTimeTraders.com. If you have any questions or issues while placing the order, please reach out to our store at 575-376-1145 or email at Toothof.TimeTraders@scouting.org.

What material is the shirt made out of?
It is 100% Polyester. It is Syntrel which combines unique microfiber packets with advanced knitting technology to channel moisture from the body and allow free flow of air for high performance activities. It has superior moisture transport technology, extremely fast dry rate, and effortless care.

Can I put individual crew member names on their respective shirts?
Unfortunately, text must be the same for each group of shirts.

Can I use a promotional code on my custom order?
No, promo codes and special offers do not apply to custom orders.

Will the design stick to my body when I sweat?
It will not. Artwork is applied using a sublimation process, resulting in a smooth finish that is virtually impossible to feel. This ensures that the artwork on the back won’t uncomfortably stick to you while hiking.

How much will shipping cost me?
Shipping is included with our custom program this year. There will be no additional shipping fee added.

Can I pick up my order at Philmont?
Yes, you can select in-store pick up at checkout if this is your desired option.

Can I return, refund, or exchange custom items?
Due to customization of the items, we are unable to fulfill such requests.

What if I don’t order in time?
Due to the customization of these products, deadlines are very important. If you miss deadlines, you can order the shirts and have them delivered after your trek as a souvenir piece. We will also be offering a wide variety of non-customized crew shirts in-store.

Do the shirts have SPF qualities?
Yes! They all have SPF ratings of 30+.

Are these shirts unisex?
Yes. Follow the size chart dimensions listed as they pertain to your individual measurements.

Can I edit my order once I’ve placed it?
Yes, but you only have seven days after the order was placed to make changes, before the shirts are submitted into production. It is important you reach out in that one-week time frame if you need to make a change or notice a mistake.