Trail Crew Trek

  • 14 days and nights
  • Fee: $325 in 2020 and 2021

  • Register: By individual
  • Season: Summer
  • Age: 16 by date attending and not yet 21
  • Crew Size: Provisional Crew will be organized by Philmont
  • Leadership: 2 adult leaders provieded by Philmont
  • Registration: Anytime


Spend 14 days living and working in Philmont’s high country with the Conservation Department. Master the art and science of trail construction, and learn the ins and outs of conservation project management on this co-ed adventure. Return home with the skills and knowledge to confidently take on the challenge in your local parks and communities. 


Trail Crew Trek (TCT) is a co-ed fourteen-day educational program focused on conservation and leadership development. TCT involves seven days of building trail and seven days of educational trek throughout Philmont. The program includes hands-on experience with a variety of conservation projects, and visits from guest speakers involved in conservation and resource management. TCT provides a strong foundation for participants to become involved in service through conservation.  

Session Dates

Session #1: June 14-28

Session #2: July 26-August 9


To be able to participate in the Trail Crew Trek program, participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years old the day your program begins, but not 21 by its conclusion
  • Be physically fit, able to lift and handle materials up to 50 lbs. (Philmont height and weight guidelines will be strictly enforced.)
  • Be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America (Boy Scout, Varsity Scout or Venturer).
  • Complete a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record. 

How Do I Apply?

Each participant must complete a TCT application (approved by a parent or guardian, a unit leader, and the Scout executive). Apply early for best consideration. Applications will continue to be accepted until all spaces are filled. Mail your completed application to:

                    Philmont Scout Ranch
                    Attn: Trail Crew Trek
                    17 Deer Run Road
                    Cimarron, NM 87714

Program Fee/Scholarships

The fee for Trail Crew Trek is . A $50 deposit is required with this application (balance due at the time of acceptance into the program; those applicants not accepted or canceled before May 1 will have their deposit returned). Additional expenses, including travel to and from Philmont, as well as miscellaneous purchases, are the responsibility of the participant. Scholarships are available on a limited basis.

Additional Information

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Shuttle Information

Shuttle service is available to Philmont from Denver, Colorado Springs and Albuquerque airports. Please download a shuttle form below. These shuttles are not available for 12-day, 7-day, or cavalcade crews. 

Please note that the shuttle servicing Denver and Colorado Springs cannot transport a Scout with “Unaccompanied Minor” airline status.