Conservation Seasonal Staff Opportunities

Camper Conservation Program

The Camper Conservation Program facilitates the three-hour conservation projects that are required of every crew in order to receive their arrowhead award. Each worksite is led by a foreman and has at least two other conservation staff to facilitate the project. These ‘Ists (short for Conservationist) are tasked with educating participants about their surroundings and the work they are doing. Work projects are varied; forestry thinning and fuels reduction, trail construction, stream restoration, and wildlife habitat restoration are all important to the long-term health of the ranch.

Conservation Work Crew


Five-member Work Crews perform the bulk of Philmont’s campsite and trail maintenance. Each crew is led by a foreman and normally has four staff members. These crews are generally sent on 1½- week long work runs with specific maintenance objectives. Work Crews are expected to perform routine trail and camp maintenance tasks in addition to their scheduled runs. The foreman prioritizes comprehensive maintenance projects as they are discovered and adapts the crew’s itinerary as necessary to keep the backcountry infrastructure safe and functional.

Environmental Education Team

The Environmental Education team is primarily responsible for facilitating the Roving Outdoor Conservation School, Trail Crew Trek, and STEM Trek. The Environmental Education Team coordinates with Ranch and exterior resources to schedule guest speakers, plan lessons, and create unique and exciting learning opportunities for these programs. They also assist with the development, staff training, and facilitation of educational initiatives across the Ranch.

Field Management Team

Reporting directly to the full-time Field Manager, Field Coordinators are tasked with providing technical oversight for all projects in the department. This includes all new trail surveys and continued training to department staff. All team members work with every other program group in the Department to ensure that projects are running smoothly.

Forestry Program

Forestry crews are dedicated to restoring the health of Philmont’s forests. They create defensible space around camps to mitigate wildfire impacts and provide a more enjoyable campsite experience for campers. This crew cuts and clears overstocked lands to create healthy forest habitat. The Forestry Crews, supported by the full-time Forester, are currently working on thinning for a shaded fuel break on the Beaubien Road.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Team

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff manages Philmont’s extensive databases and uses geospatial information to create and update maps and perform spatial analyses. The GIS program creates Philmont’s sectional, overall, and campsite maps. The GIS team also assists the rest of the Department and Ranch in providing geospatial services in support of needs such as wildlife population surveys, hydrologic studies, and intensity of trail use.

Natural Resource Team

The Conservation Resource Staff are responsible for a variety of land management tasks. The staff are the main facilitators for the Ranch’s invasive species programs which aim to control the spread of invasive plants on Philmont as well as on the property of our land partners. The Resource Staff are also responsible for conducting population surveys for Philmont’s Wildlife program, habitat restoration projects, and stream restoration projects. The Resource staff reports directly to the full-time Wildlife Biologist.

Order of the Arrow Trail Crew

Order of the Arrow Trail Crew is a 14-day individual program that brings Arrowmen together from across the country for a week of trail-building followed by a week of trekking. Two foremen share the responsibility of leading each crew and facilitating a unique program for the youth involved. LEARN MORE