Trek Press Release

Your crew deserves recognition for being part of over one million Scouts and Scouters who have met the Philmont challenge. Before coming to Philmont, you might consider selecting a member of your crew to be the Crew Reporter. The Crew Reporter will be responsible for taking notes about your Philmont experience, and gathering photos of your trek. They will record the day–to–day happenings on the trail, and your crew’s memorable experiences.

Before your trek, the Crew Reporter should contact local newspaper and news media editors and find out how they can get a press release published. Contact both the regional news media and smaller local newspapers. When contacting news editors ask about their editorial consent policies, and if they require a photo consent for photographs included with your press release. Sample photo consent forms can be found with a quick internet search. Gathering these materials prior to arriving at Philmont will prepare you to write your press release after your trek.

Sample Press Release

Below you’ll find a sample press release. A printable PDF version is available for your convenience.

Philmont Contact: News and Photo Services

Local Contact: ___________________

Local Boy Scouts trek through New Mexico Wilderness

A crew of teenage Scouts and their leaders went on a life changing summer trek through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. Philmont covers 214 square miles of vast wilderness with trails that climb from 6,500 feet to as high as 12,441 feet. During their trek Boy Scout Troop/Venturing Crew # _____ hiked ____ miles over ____ days.

The group of Scouts and their advisors carried everything they needed to survive during the trek on their backs while hiking from camp to camp. They participated in backcountry programs along the way including rock climbing, mountain biking, fly-fishing and gold prospecting. The trek included a conservation project where the Scouts learned and participated in the upkeep of Philmont’s ecosystem. Along the trek, Scouts endured tough challenges including backpacking in bear and mountain lion territory, steep climbs, and often-inclement weather.

“They may meet only one other group of Scouts on the trail in an entire day of hiking,” according to Backpacker Magazine. “Even in the most crowded destinations, each Scout group camps in isolation, out of sight and sound of all other groups.” The crew made what amounts to a Scouting pilgrimage with their trip to Philmont. Philmont Scout Ranch is the Boy Scouts of America’s premier high adventure camp and the largest youth camp in the world serving nearly one million participants since 1938. Interviews are available from the local contact upon request.

Press Release Guidelines to Help Attract Attention:

  • Send the release to multiple outlets.
  • Include a photo of your crew or crew members in action.
  • Follow up a mailing release with a phone call to inquire about the possibility of a story on your group.
  • Be as helpful as possible with reporters and editors.
  • Remember, smaller local media outlets are more likely to run with your story.
  • If possible, deliver the release in person, so you supplement the basic information with a quick story or two specific to your trek, but don’t be overbearing, threatening or coercive.
  • Offer easy interviews and contacts.
  • Don’t just shoot for local media, share the press release and give a copy to your council and district also. They can publish information in their newsletters or websites, and they may be able to help your get additional coverage.