• 8 days and nights
  • Fee: $850 in 2020, $860 in 2021

  • Register: By crew
  • Season: Summer
  • Age: 14-20 (or 13 and have completed 8th grade)
  • Crew Size: 10-15, including adult leadership
  • Leadership: 2 adult leaders per crew required minimum, 4 adult leaders maximum
  • Registration: October/November, 18-months prior to trek

Philmont Cavalcade are similar to regular expeditions except that, instead of hiking, crews ride horses through the rugged mountain wilderness like the famous trappers who first explored the West. 

Eight-day Cavalcades with 10 to 15 people* per crew are offered on specific dates each summer. The final day of the Cavalcade is spent in coopetition at an equestrian gymkhana.

For the safety of the rider  and the horse, there is a 200-pound weight limit for all riders. 

Because of the popularity of the Cavalcade program and the limited number of horses, a lottery will be help for crews that have expressed a desire to participate in summer Cavalcades. A group may not participate in consecutive years. 

Registration for the lottery is done online at the same time as 12 day/7 day treks. You can enter dates for different trek types but can only awarded one type of trek. To learn more about the lottery and to register click here. 

How to pack for Cavalcade

For additional information on what to bring and how to prepare for your Cavalcade please reference the Cavalcade Guidebook to Adventure.

* If the crew should number fewer than 10, the Cavalcade will be charged for 10 participants. The maximum number of crew members is 15.