Program Pricing Guide

12-day Treks  $1295 in 2022
9-day Treks  $1200 in 2022
7-day Treks  $1000 in 2022


 $1050 in 2021
Individual Opportunities (Learn more)

Order of the Arrow Trail Crew

$325 in 2021

Ranch Hands

 $450 in 2022


 $1075 in 2022


 $785 in 2022


 $1,295 in 2022
Trail Crew Trek $450 in 2022
Training Center Programs (Learn more)
National Advanced Youth Leader Experience (NAYLE) $550 in 2021
Fall and Winter
Autumn Adventure $74 per person per day in 2021
Fly Fishing Invitational TBD for 2020
LNT Master Educator Course $350 in 2021
Winter Adventure Varies with program selection

Refund Policy

Each crew is responsible to meet all financial obligations within the allotted time frame. Failure to provide on time payments will result in cancellation. Deposits are non-refundable. Fees are non-refundable.

Philmont must commit financial resources to employ staff, purchase food and supplies, and to prepare for summer operations. Participants are therefore, also required to make a financial commitment to attend. Please be aware of this in making reservations to avoid losing fees due to cancellations. 

Payment Schedule – Crews are responsible to know, understand and adhere to this payment schedule. 

  • $150 deposit per individual is due with the signed invoice. Minimum crew sizes apply.
  • Advance payment (1/2 of remaining fees) per individual is due October 1, the year prior to trek.
  • Final payment (final 1/2 of fees) per individual is due March 1 of the year of trek. 

Cancellation/Refund Policy – Please notify Philmont immediately if your crew intends to cancel. Early notification may enable Philmont to rebook your cancelled trek and provide a partial refund less deposit. Fees are not transferrable to a subsequent year. 

  • $150 deposit per individual is not refundable 
  • Crews cancelling between deposit and first 1/2 payment will forfeit deposit
  • Crews cancelling after fist 1/2 payment will forfeit 100% of fees paid
  • Crews cancelling after final payment will forfeit 100% of fees paid

Possible Individual Refunds

  • Medical Exclusion by Doctor – 100% Refund of fees paid less deposit – documentation required
  • Military Deployment – 100% refund of fees paid 
  • Death – 100% refund of fees paid (1st Degree Relative)

Refund Request Procedures – 2021

Refund request for 2021 Expedition Fees must be submitted with proper documentation related to the circumstances, no later than September 30, 2021. Refund requests after that date will not be considered.

Below is the information required to request a refund:

  1. Expedition Number (i.e. 609-A)
  2. Name of person requesting refund.
  3. Reason for not being able to participate in the trek-illness, injury, summer school, military duty, etc.-official documentation to support the request (Doctor’s statement, letter from school, military deployment/transfer, etc.)
  4. Address request (with documentation) to Philmont Scout Ranch, 17 Deer Run Rd., Cimarron NM 87714 or email: Philmont.Camping@scouting.org and attach documentation.

Our policy on approved refunds is as follows:  If a refund request is approved by the Director of Camping Services, a note is filed in the expedition file and when the crew has completed their trek, the Registrar processes the paperwork and the refund authorization is sent to the National BSA Office in Irving, TX where a check is disbursed to the Reservation Contact for the Expedition on behalf of the person who requested the refund.  It can take approximately six to eight weeks to process after the crew has departed Philmont


It is the vision of Philmont Scout Ranch to continue to positively impact the lives of young people and their Scouting leaders through inspiring and effective delivery of the finest Scouting possible through backcountry adventures and Training Center experiences. Philmont receives many donations from all over the country from those who have had the opportunity to experience Scouting Paradise in God’s Country and wants to share that opportunity with others. Please complete the application below to be considered for one of the many scholarships available to our participants. There are several financial need-based scholarships available from Philmont, and others may be offered by your local council or elsewhere. Scholarship funding is limited so please apply quickly.

Please note that program deposits must be paid before scholarships will be considered.

12-Day, 9-Day and 7-Day Expeditions

Philmont offers the Waite Phillips Scholarship to help make it possible for a youth member to participate who might not otherwise be able to experience Philmont. Application forms will be sent to the Reservation Contact for each crew before final payments are due in the spring. The application is filled out by an Advisor for a maximum of one youth member per crew; if granted, awards typically cover a portion of the total program fee. 

Philmont Training Center

A small scholarship fund has been established to ensure that volunteers and professionals have an opportunity to participate in a summer or fall Philmont Training Center experience. (Scholarships cannot be used for DO-2 courses held at the PTC.)

NAYLE - National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

Individual Treks

A limited amount of financial assistance is available for Individual Trek participants. To apply, please complete the appropriate application and return it to Philmont

Rocs – Roving Outdoor Conservation School 

TCT – Trail Crew Trek


Stem – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math 

Ranch Hands 

  • No Scholarship are available for Ranch Hands 
  • Learn more about Ranch Hands 

OATC – Order of the Arrow Trail Crew